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Got Money With 5 - 7 years ? I Have Got Something for You


Got Money With 5 - 7 years ? I Have Got Something for You

Last updated: July 13 2015
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  • Got Money With 5 - 7 years ? I Have Got Something for You

    I'm looking for like minded-people to collaborate with me on buying a piece of land located on road. Now, as a standard rule of life :- before soliciting any kind of partnership I tend to make sure that I and my colleagues have common goals and of course the needed patience.

    If you can't wait for 5-7 years, I suggest you to stay away from this investment. It's not for people who are looking to double their money in two years . ( though it may happen, but we'll assume it's not happening).

    I plan to build a co-operative or a partnership where partners hold respective % of investment as equity in the firm. But the agreement shall deter any partner to exit from investment within a time decided by us ( me and all investors ) which shall be no less than 5 years. ( This is for the benefit of all) . However, I believe provision can be made for the person to transfer his share of partnership to some other person in case of need-to exit, but even that new person won't be able to sell land before the stipulated agreed time ).

    Negotiation and zeroing down on land is still left, the purpose of this post is to connect with like minded individuals who share the same thoughts and goals as I do.

    Here are some guaranteed bullets about the land :- clear title, on main-road, within 50 KM of Delhi .

    I don't want to make this pool very big, so I'm looking for at max 4-5 co-investors in this project who have (1) 30-40 Lakhs to invest (2) Can invest for minimum 5 years

    So if you want to align with me on this project, PM me. If we can get some like minded people on board for this, I can probably arrange a meetup for us and then we discuss more details.

    Time suckers : stay away. If you want to invest for 2 years, don't contact me.
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