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Buying Land on ECR


Buying Land on ECR

Last updated: October 19 2022
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  • Buying Land on ECR

    I am actively looking at buying land in the ECR area upto Kovalam. Upto Kanathur the prices don't seem reasonable to me so going till Kovalam. Looks like I might end up at Muttukadu. Just fyi. The rate that I am looking at is around 50 Lacs per ground. Have found a few options. Let me know if anyone is interested so we can do a group buy.
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    Re : Buying Land on ECR


    I am interested. I guess we need the obligatory 10 post minimum to get private messaging enabled.
    Hopefully should be able to PM you later today.

    You are 1 post under the 10 post
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      Re : Buying Land on ECR

      I am interested.


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        Re : Buying Land on ECR

        I am interested to


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          Re : Buying Land on ECR

          I came across a developer selling plots opposite to boat house at 2300 psf. Villas in 1500 sqft land will cost 55L


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            Re : Buying Land on ECR

            is this still on?


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              Re : Buying Land on ECR

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