Hello Friends,

I've plans to purchase a property in Hyderabad in good neighborhood, educated society & decent living conditions.

1. I thought villas in gated communities may fit my purpose but I have difficulties in evaluating choice between villa ( = house in gated community) vs independent house (in a HMDA layout / panchayat layout). Main aspects of comparision are :

- Cost & Value for money
- Appreciation
- Proximity (schools, offices, shops..)
- Social conditions (neighborhood, like minded people, roads & pollution)

2. Why prices are villas are sky high ?

3. Which is the best location in Hyderabad to live ?

4. What are the decent projects in Hyderabad can be considered ?

5. Renting vs Buying a villa / independent house ?

5. Any suggestions / best practices in searching for home ?

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  • reminder :-)
  • If you cook food by yourself, it is very economical. If you eat in a restaurant, the price is high and in 5 star hotels, it is very high. Villas are prohibitively expensive as they cater only to the rich and they spend a lot on marketing. they are the least value for money options. If you wish to sell it later, you will never get anything close to what you have spent.

    If you have time and patience, do the following.
    1. Study the hmda master plan and note down all the areas around Hyderabad which are in R zone.
    2. Shortlist the areas to 4-5 based on your requirements like water, pollution, hospitals, transport etc
    3. Visit hmda office and note down all their norms for residential layouts. Now you can have a layout in even 1 acre land.
    4. If you follow all hmda norms, you can. get rougly 15 plots(of 250 sq yards) for acre.
    5. You should now find 20 like minded persons and together buy some 1.5-2 acres of land in any of the areas short listed by you. You will finalize this area based on where you will get land cheaply among those4-5 locations.
    6 within 3-4 months your plot will be ready for house construction.
    7. And in another 6-8 months, your house construction will be complete.
    8. Your final budget will only be a fraction of cost of purchasing a similar house in a similar location.
    9. Make sure to hire a good lawyer to carefully examine the title and oversee the registration process. Similarly hire a good architect for layout development and house construction. It will save you a lot of money and headache.
    10. For every rupee you spend, you get quality whereas even if you buy a villa with 2 crores, you cannot be sure bout quality.

    I am also looking for like minded persons.
    • VenuAdepu2 years ago
      Good post. But, its difficult for one guy to deal with all these. We should form a team.
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  • I am interested if the location is in the western part of Hyderabad.
  • I'm interested. Count me IN.
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  • I'm interested too. Looking for several interested persons, how can we gather everyone ?
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  • I am interested please
  • @course I have similar analysis with me.. We can come closer.
  • Ok Guys. It's clear that many people are interested omn the idea ongated community independently.

    To get it practical, how shall we come communicate avoiding social?
    • aakash.nani31 years ago
      Guys did you started anything? I'm interested too
  • I'm interested either, kindly let me know how you're keeping in touch.