Hi All,

The primary reason for this new thread is discussing the advantages of forming a personal close knit group, as it gives a better bargaining power when negotiating with a builder. My family (my brother and I) and some close family friends have formed a group. We are already five (so would need at least 5 flats from a builder) and we all know each other for years now, all are serious in buying a property and moreover, can move quickly to finalise the deal if we like some property. Knowing each other also means we can discuss our strategy, compare notes and eventually talk to the builder directly to get a good group deal. We have also already zeroed down on 2 properties at Ulwe.

BTW, some weeks back I tried joining some internet sites. These sites form groups for a particular property and then approach the builders for a better rate. After joining some of these sites and interacting with people managing these sites, my primary concerns are three fold (i) these sites approach the builder on your behalf and if the deal goes through, these sites get their commission for the deal only from the builder (ii) so the discount these sites claim to get for you from the builder may not be all that huge. (iii) difficult to get in touch directly with the other members of the group and one can only communicate primarily with the owners of these internet sites.
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  • What is the future of Ulwe now with these new developments coming to light:

    Navi Mumbai airport to be delayed further; no timelines assured by CM
    Juhu airport expansion given nod by Maharashtra Govt?
  • Prices a in mumbai is a bubble and bubble in not blasting cuz politician are putting their blan money reality market.
  • rates in ulwe came down by approx 500. Builders who were offering dicount of 200 on quoted price now giving discount of 500-800.

    This is good Opportunity to purchase property. Negotiate with Builders and settle deals in 13 story buildings at 4000 and 4-7 storey in 3500.

  • hii aman,
    I'm kind of interested in joining group.
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  • hi Aman, i am also interested in good project at Ulwe. pls share the details of finalized property.
  • Hi Aman,
    Im interested in buying a flat at ULWE. Please can you share details of the properties you guys are planning to pitch.
  • Originally Posted by aman001
    All members of the "Ulwe Private Group" have been sent an e-mail today morning. If any member of the group has not received the e-mail, please get in touch with me.

    The membership to "Ulwe private group" would be definitely closed by this weekend (and so would this thread).

    Any new member still wanting to join the group and has not done so, should do so ASAP. The e-mail to contact the group is already listed by "guruy777" on page 8 of this thread.

    Hi Aman
    Please share the information of the property finalized I am also interested in buying my first home at ULWE
  • Hi I am also interested joining the group
  • Ulwe group update - 14th October 2013

    An e-mail has been sent to the original 40 members of the Ulwe private group today. If you have not received an e-mail from me, please contact me on my e-mail address.

    The new/prospective members: Two-three months back, owing to our group having, more or less, reached the required strength, the group membership was closed to the new members. However, since the decision to go ahead with the deal at that time was postponed for sometime and the group now intends reviving the negotiations with the builder(s) again soon, the group has decided to open the membership to the new members for the next few days.

    All the members who were unable to join the group up till June 2013 can apply now to join the group. Please send a message to my private inbox on this forum. If you have recently joined this forum and have less than 10 posts to your credit on this forum, you may be unable to send me a message to my inbox.

    New members are not encouraged to post their personal e-mails on this thread, as such a practice is frowned upon by the moderators of this forum.

    Please note this is a private group, so the group reserves the right to deny entry to any new member in the group without giving any reasons for doing so.
  • I have sent a mail to the email address mentioned ... kindly reply aman001
  • my number is incorrect in the mail ..consider the first 10 digits the last digit came by mistake. other numbers are ok. atleast leave a missed call so that i can call .
  • Hi Aman. I am interested to join the group as well. I shall send you a message. Would be great if you can oblige and reply back. Thanks a ton
  • Hi Aman,

    Im interested to join this group. Let me know how to proceed further.Thanks
  • Hi,

    I would like to join if this thread is still active. Please let me know what builders are quoting currently.

    I am really interested to buy property at ulwe.