Hi All,

The primary reason for this new thread is discussing the advantages of forming a personal close knit group, as it gives a better bargaining power when negotiating with a builder. My family (my brother and I) and some close family friends have formed a group. We are already five (so would need at least 5 flats from a builder) and we all know each other for years now, all are serious in buying a property and moreover, can move quickly to finalise the deal if we like some property. Knowing each other also means we can discuss our strategy, compare notes and eventually talk to the builder directly to get a good group deal. We have also already zeroed down on 2 properties at Ulwe.

BTW, some weeks back I tried joining some internet sites. These sites form groups for a particular property and then approach the builders for a better rate. After joining some of these sites and interacting with people managing these sites, my primary concerns are three fold (i) these sites approach the builder on your behalf and if the deal goes through, these sites get their commission for the deal only from the builder (ii) so the discount these sites claim to get for you from the builder may not be all that huge. (iii) difficult to get in touch directly with the other members of the group and one can only communicate primarily with the owners of these internet sites.
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  • Hi Aman,
    Please count me in! I just sent an email at ulweprivategroup@yahoo.in.Please share the details
  • Hi

    I am also interested . Can u please add me to the list


    Thank you very much

  • The yahoo group i created - ulwe_buyers is open as well for membership. We can use the group to classify people with different requirements and form a group for each of them.
  • Originally Posted by aman001
    @mohit76: The group booking is still on and to be considered for inclusion in the 'Ulwe private group', you need to send an e-mail on the e-mail address stated by the userid 'guruy777' in one of his recent posts on this thread.

    @mitulwe: There is no yahoo group. This is a private group and in order to be considered for an inclusion in the group, one needs to send an e-mail requesting to be included in the group.

    General note: The group endeavours to, hopefully, conclude the deal by the next month. So any person who showed interest about this group in the last few weeks, but could not follow up the initial interest for whatever reason and is still interested in joining our group should contact us by sending an e-mail stating clearly he/she is interested in joining our group.

    Hi Aman001,
    i sent a mail to the email id mentioned by guruy777. please send me the details
  • Hi I Have sent an email few days back but yet to get a response.Is it that you have closed the group!!!Kindly let me know if that is the case
  • can u pls approve memberships?
  • Yes, Kindly approve the memberships. We are genuinely looking forward to finalize a good deal in Ulwe.
  • Hi Aman,

    I am also quite keen to join in this group. I have send a message to the yahoo id requesting more details and the permission to be part of this Group. Kindly advice if the group is still open or you have already done the purchase. Thanks
  • Is the group buying still on, i haven't seen any new mails.
  • hi everyone,
    for the latest news for ulwe,as we all know builders n agents are trying to increase the base rates by each passing day,as if they have a very high sale of the available project,which i find very amusing,
    i visited ulwe today for the second time to zero in on few projects,
    out of few i really liked shankeshwar plazzo in sector 9 (1 bhk) & mahavir mannat in sector 9(1bhk)
    i also liked todays construction project in sector 17,
    so if any1 of u have visited the same project,pls share ur views.,
    n for the group members i feel the intensity has gone down few knots,,so guys,,, lets step up n look to finalise on something
  • All the builders building in ulwe have already recoverd there basic plot and construction cost. Now everything left is profit margin rates are not going to down in Ulwe. it will increse only.

    In the last 15 days group of builders has increased prices by 200 to 250 rs. Tricity,swaraj,paradise,Bhagwati alll have incresed rates are not going to Down in near future.
  • I am also intersted in group booking Pleaes let me know procedure.
  • Hi Aman,

    I'm really interested in buying a 3 BHK apartment in Ulwe. I noticed that membership for this group has been closed, as mentioned in the forum. If any vacancy opens up, pls. consider me also.

  • Please count me in. I am looking for an investment and currently located in mumbai. I have not visited ulwe though which i am planning to do.
    for the guys who have already visited,
    how is current scenario?
    what is ur prediction and how long do you think it will take for the area to be busier?
    any big builder construction coming up?
  • to all which builder you are planning upate all
    what about price or you all have already decided