Guys..I guess this is the right place to discuss.

EDIT by Phases: To request to join the group that has been discussed on this thread you can go to the "Group Memberships" section in your UserCP.

There, you may request to join the group and have access to their forum. Currently, is the leader who can approve who is in and who is removed from the group. I can add additional leaders.


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  • I am In.
  • I am in too .. please let me know
  • I am also in. Once we reach to nearly 10 people, we can set few ground rules which we need to follow for this whole transaction, 2-3 volunteers can be helpful.
  • I'm also in..
  • I interacted with the Malpani guys(vishal) a long time back..Can we all get together and start talking to him about the rates based on the number of flats ???

    I am new to this and do not have much idea..Is there any one who can guide us with the rules of this forum wrt group buying.

    Can we share our contacts here ???
  • I am also in.
  • Can we share our contacts here ???

    Please go through "Group Buying Rules and FAQ"
  • I am interested but lack basic info about the project. Do we need to book in same building? I heard bldg A has better views. What is completion date builder quoting? Can someone please attach the broucher?
  • I am also in. Let me know to whom I need to contact to take matter forward.
  • malpani is not great with group buying..i doubt if anyone had any success with them in group buying or whether they encourage it..

    they have great holding capacity as the group is cash rich..u may make an attempt..but i dont see much traction till the time rate s in general come down..
  • Hi Kazi,

    Even if Malpani is not ready to consider group booking, if we are 10 people with similar requirements, we can look for other similar projects.

    My aim is to get 15 % discount at least on over all cost.

    We can identify genuine buyer's in the group and target that within 3 months we will seal the deal, which will give us a good time to know each other and find projects acc to group needs.
  • Count me in.
  • Hi All,

    We should make sure that no builder's agent is part of this group (including myself), for identifying everyone's genuineness i think person should send following details via PM.

    Following is the list of information i think would be good enough to start with -

    1. Full Name and email ID
    2. Occupation (Need 1 supporting doc for this)
    3. Education (Need 1 supporting doc for this)

    Note: Supporting docs can be sent to my email ID.
  • Count me in


    I am new to group and would like to try the group buying. I had enquired some time back with Malapani green and they were quoting 4100 for Building D and 4300 for C
  • Please count me in.