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Starting a new thread on Riviera Hinjewadi Estates(Farm/Agri Plot/Land) by Eden Group (Xrbia Township + Silicon City) - Hinjewadi, Pune

Riviera farm plot costs Rs 1049 and Rs 1149 per sqft with plot sizes ranging from 3000 to 6000 sqft.

Although not on paper, Riviera folks are saying below things.
1. Full (1) FSI if this land gets converted to NA after few years, not sure how many. Builder is lying here. How on the earth 1 FSI is possible under township? Any views? In same township Silicon City(NA land) has 0.5(half) FSI. Also Silicon City is Commercial NA and not residential (as per my info online), so folks of silicon city are very much confused about construction. Silicon city folks were given commitment that FSI will go up but it never went up after township.
2. Builder will assist in converting land to NA after some time.
3. Very good appreciation in near future. Any view?
4. Awaited R-zone so once in R-zone all is well, till then? and till when?
5. Only basic amenities except they say Riviera folks can use Xrbia's amenities. Not sure how will they do that?

1. Plots are on inclined hill sides so construction cost will be very high considering big base work.
2. Erosion/corrosion of plots will be significant.
3. FSI will be less.
4.. Chances of getting reservation on Farm land are high as it is on hill. Not sure if I am right here, it's just a bad gut feel.
5. Price is huge for that area. Their only selling point is its under township but township work has been very slow initially.

Anyone has bought in here? Please reply why? And thought process behind buying small agricultural land at this BIG price? Is builder credible?

I have heard bad reviews about Silicon City and Xrbia being developed by same builder(Mr Rahul Nahar).

Shall I buy or stay away? We will judge this decision towards end of year 2015, so rush in with opinions.

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