I was just going through this headline in economictimes website "Stocks fall on US, China economic news" and I was wondering what is really happening in the world economy?

We see China posting slow growth (taunted to be the driver of world economy) USA still crawls, UK's debt mounting all the time and whatever our politicians say India is no better. Because I myself and my friends experience the difference of the present time and time we are flooded with offers in 2007. I can tell you one of my friend who has an experience of 5 years and working as a relationship manager is finding it very hard to even schedule a prospective interview for himself. And the hikes that are announced by most of the companies are only in paper's or in peanuts.

On the basis of current situation I'm actually wondering about two things about India.

1. The stock market keeps on rising - This increase is may be due to the fact that FII's are pouring in money. But china being a FII's darling has seen their stock market value coming down. But that does not seems to be the case with India. Is Indian stock market rising just because of FII's or Indian public is investing in stocks? Or Is India really immune?

2. Real Estate - I have heard and seen in most of Tamil Nadu that land prices have stagnated or have come down in a very few areas, but in most of the cities and towns the sellers are quoting those absurd prices with no takers, but still the sellers or hanging on to the price. Where it is all going to end? Will RE as whole (flats, land) survive this period or the imminent depression predicted by economists like Paul Krugman will sweep the world and India.

I would like to know your thoughts on it. I know there are people in this forum who say the RE is going to rise all the time and there people who say the RE will go down in short term. Let's see what we can get out of this thread?
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