Hello everyone,
As you can see im new here and im very much a beginner in the property business . So i just thought of asking you guys, are there any websites with good country profiles which i can just view without registering or you know without paying to view them?
And on a general note what do you think is a good site and what do you guys prefer?

Anxiously waiting for the replies. Thank you
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  • Hi Fayezah,

    Nice to meet you here. :)

    Firstly, you have not mentioned you are looking for property sites in which country.

    Secondly, as for viewing a property website you do not need any registration or paying off as such. Although, you may need to register or subscribe (pay-off) in some websites; if you wish to take the services offered.

    Thank God! we need not pay for the services offered by this Forum ;)

    As for the attributes of a good site, I would bank on one which has superb usability features rather going for something too craped up with unnecessary features and also one which respects a users privacy.

    Let me know what you think.............:)