I Want To Know Whether Indian Citizens Are Allowed To Buy Land In USA

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  • I do not know of any reason that an Indian citizen could not own property here in the US. This seems like the perfect time for foreign capital to be flooding the US real Estate market, and for some reason it is not.

    Any ideas as to why that is?

    It seems to be a no-brainer with the constant dropping of the dollar as well as the decline of the real estate market here in the US.
  • yes but dual citizenship is required

    Yes indian citizen can buy and sell land in USA with the condition that they must have dual citizenship, in which one must should be of USA.
  • Firstly you should complete all the formalities on the indian government level with full completation of the documentation.You can think one thing like thre are lot of companies which they are build up the office why they can settel the business and buy the land and start the business as the same procedure.
  • One will have to complete all the formalities on the indian government level with full completation of the documentation.
  • buying property in US


    It is possible to buy a land in US however taxation needs to be taken care off. You may find the relevant info in the link below
    hope this would be helpful,,id=105000,00.html

  • are you looking for a loan to buy property in the US? that may be difficult. They ask for a lot of thigns such as social security number, American bank statements, job history in the US, credit score etc. And a person living in India all his life may not have any of these. But if you can arrange your own funds, there is no reason why you cannot invest in real estate in the US. US is very investment-friendly in that sense. In fact, I know that if you invest above a certain amount in the US, you automatically qualify for a green card and don't have to wait in line.
  • haha sorry... did not realize this post is from way back in 2007!