Rupee drop makes realty attractive for NRIs - The Economic Times

BANGALORE: Many NRIs are teaming up with like-minded buyers on real estate group buying sites to shop for flats in India. The cheaper rupee and deep discounts offered by developers through these portals has triggered a substantial jump in property-related enquiries from NRIs in the US, UK and the Middle East in the last three months.

London-based Nayan Bhavishi has poured more money into the real estate market in the country than in any other geography or asset category. An avid real estate investor, Bhavishi snapped up two ready-to-move-in flats in Vaastu project in Thane for Rs 1.20 crore through real estate portal .com.

"I was scouting for properties in India and stumbled upon this site offering good discounts. I got 25% discount on my property purchases and the exchange rate at Rs 84 to a pound was a big draw," he said. Bhavishi said he bought the property at Rs 4,200 per sq ft when the rates in neighbouring properties were between Rs 5,800 and 6,000.

In an increasingly tough environment, developers are warming up to group housing portals. Sandesh Wadhwa, cofounder of group-buying portal , said many people sitting on the fence have swung into action in the last three months. "There is more demand coming from NRIs for mid-sized housing projects in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai," he said.

Sandeep Reddy, co-founder of .com, said the website has seen a healthy sales conversion rate in the last two months primarily driven by NRIs. "The mood among NRI investors is buoyant as they now need to spend fewer dollars or pounds for the same property. The sub-Rs 60 lakh properties are most in demand ," he added.

Vaibhav Sharma, assistant professor of finance at Winthrop University in South Carolina, has booked two flats in Gurgaon through groupbookings .in. "If I were to invest in the US, the property value would fetch me a negative return. It's a good time to enter the Indian real estate market, where I think I can expect at least 6% annualized returns in the residential space," he said.

Sharma's purchase decision was also driven by the favourable exchange rate. He bought the flats last September when the rupee was close to 50 to a dollar. "I also received a 10% discount by signing up on the portal. I didn't have to haggle or make several house hunting trips," Sharma added
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  • There are lavish projects coming up ion Kolkata especially for the NRI group... Its raining oppurtunities.. Eden Tolly Signature, Merlin Cambridge, Urbana are some of them.
  • Eden Tolly signature have become a prime investment venture for lots of locals and NRIs too. Though they prefer to invest in Rajarhut but that place is in grave turmoil by political agitation.