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Real Estate in Moldova


Real Estate in Moldova

Last updated: October 25 2007
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  • Real Estate in Moldova

    Greetings, my name is Sergey. I work in real estate agency, Kishinev capital of Moldova. Demand for the real estate from foreign citizens grows and on it I on this site.
    Still I wish to find new friends. I wish to discuss with professionals the reason of a rise in prices for the real estate, in the different countries.
    I like my job and it is interesting for me to observe changes in the real estate market. For an example, since 2005 on 2007 real estate has increased in the price for 50 %.
    And than above the price for the real estate that above consumer demand. I think it is connected with the future introduction of our country into the European Union, and a geographical arrangement of Moldova concerning the next states.
    It would be good to hear opinion of colleagues.....
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    Re : Real Estate in Moldova

    Dear Sergey. I am Vineet. I live at Chandigarh in India. Chandigarh is one of the fastest growing cities of India.

    You asked about the reasons for real estate growth in an area. In my opinion, the factors are increase in population, increase in spending power, more awareness among people to invest overseas, liberalisation of property related laws, promotion of tourism and many more. More and more people in India are looking forward for overseas investment.

    Sergey, please share more about real estate development in your country and the local laws governing real estate purchase by foreigners in your country.

    Ask for any information about India.

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