A quick update:

Bangalore: China and India continue to rank first and second in the 2007 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index, a regular survey of global executives conducted by management consulting firm AT Kearney.
China leads the Index rankings for the fifth consecutive year and ranks first among Asian investors, 34% of whom plan to invest there over the next three years. Where as India retains second place in the Index, a position it has held since displacing the United States in 2005.
While China and India continue to rank first and second in the 2007 Index, 15 of the most attractive 25 FDI destinations are developing markets. Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Russia all rank among the top 10. South Africa and Other Gulf States (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar) are making their debut in this year’s Index, while Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia are returning to the Index’s top 25 most attractive destinations.
Emerging markets also have registered the strongest investor optimism, with India, China, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam experiencing the most positive change in investment outlook during the last year according to executives.
“Both developed and developing country investors will continue to cite India and China as their most preferred destination for first-time investments” said Vivek Gupta, managing director, AT Kearney India.
“India will continue to attract investors in the high value-added services industries, particularly financial services and information technology, which is strongly echoed by three quarters of respondents from outside Asia who are ‘highly likely’ to invest in India over the next few years”, added Vivek Gupta.

Source: IBEF