I'm an NRI living in US. I had invested in property in 2010 when 1Re = 1/45 USD with the idea that I would make some money for my rainy day.
I'm interested in selling this property. However my dilemma is that today the 1 Re = 1/75 USD.
When I calculate the capital gains + TDS and agent fees; I get back around the same money that I had invested in 2010.
Keeping the property has also become tricky especially with the rising covid that lingers during international travel.
So I'm looking for some suggestion as to how can I convert my rupees to USD to get the best possible profit after capital gains/TDS/fees involved in selling this property.
Or just keep it as is and hope that the property prices will increase at a great rate than rupee devaluation.
Any ideas/suggestion?

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