Well, I was closely monitoring the proceedings at the NRI Annual Summit which concluded just a couple of days back. The event emphasized on issues and contributions of NRIs in agriculture, education, healthcare and development in India. The prime focus was on investment in various lucrative sectors of India like retail, real estate, Indian companies, etc.

But the question here is: Does the government really feel for the NRIs who are living in less important countries like Gulf NRIs and NRIs in African countries? Well, there is no denying the fact that NRIs from US or UK are given more importance because they are called the “Healthy and Wealthy” group. However, I feel the annual meet has failed to give something good to other NRIs like NRIs living in Gulf countries. Issues of PIOs in countries like Mauritius and Fiji still need to be addressed.

Well, taking out the positives from the event, the government did manage to impress the NRIs by giving them assurance and rebate regarding investment in India. There would be more consulates for NRIs, a facilitation centre center would be set up by the Indian government and representatives of Indian industry. Proposed Central Council for the Promotion of Overseas Employment would support Indian workers in different countries. These are some of the initiatives the government has taken in the direction of luring NRIs to contribute more towards their motherland.

But still, I feel there should be a lucrative and favorable environment for investment, not only in selected cities of India but as a country on the whole. Same applies to defining the definition of NRIs, which needs some clarification in terms of favor given by the government to a specific set of NRIs from wealthy nations.

Would like to have your views on this...
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