My relative in UK wants to purchase a property in India after his retirement, small house in excellent area for retirement? which specific area would suit the lifestyle of UK, with good weather conditions throughout the year, good infrastructure, very safe, English/Hindi speaking; He needs a good investment opportunity as well? any one??????
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  • pune and ouskirts of banagalore

    Hi Misthi
    Some cozy suburbs of Pune and new emerging locations on outskirts of Bangalore can be good options
  • Bangalore

    I think bangalore will suit as the climate conditions are good over there, as well as its has been developed in a planned manner with all the modern amenities and is a good centre of attraction for property investments
  • Chandigarh the emerging city

    :) I think Misthi :p

    chandigrh is the best option for ur relatives to invest in property. Lifestyle of Chandigarh and environment will suits him definately.

    Now buddy for what r u thinking ? suggest ur relative to invest in Chandigarh......
  • Pune

    Pune will surely suit ur conditions....
    Pune is undergoing a tremendous change, developing rapidly and offering its residents a whole new international lifestyle. Large malls, international brands and speciality stores have changed its face, bringing new zing to the retail scenario. Young professionals and migrant white-collar workers are increasingly zooming in on these new spaces, and the result is an evolution of Pune as an investment focus. If one could imagine Pune ten years from now? surely one must go ahead without doubts...
  • Place to live in India.

    Dear Sir,

    These days the weather conditions are not so important because of availability of AC facilities. More over the weather condition is Northern India is not very hot and is short also. Although Bangalore is a very good location in this matter.

    If we compare Chandigarh it is better for cleanliness , traffic , social activities , clubs , near to hills etc and is a high class and planned city with all facilities.

    With regards.

    Yours sincerely

    Anil Bali