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Where should I invest in India?


Where should I invest in India?

Last updated: March 14 2012
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  • Where should I invest in India?

    How are you guys?

    Can some of you more experienced advise me on where to invest for good returns in a year or two. I made a mistake of not investing in Noida 2 yr back and now its 50,000 per square feet.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Re : Where should I invest in India?

    Hi Lokesh,

    Return on INvestment is going to be best in Faridabad. Even living condition in Greater Faridabad after 2010 is going to be very good. So my advise is to invest in Faridabad.... It is one of the hottest place after Noida and Gurgaon and best investment option too.


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      Re : Where should I invest in India?

      Investing --- Be Quick

      Not only Faridabad, but Mysore, Karnataka, Vizak, Cochin and Pure and places in Gujarat are also the good options for investing…. But Beware of litigation or fraud properties…. many property fraud cases we see in news coz of property boom in these places. So it’s a right time to invest in India but be QUICK


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        Re : Where should I invest in India?

        FARIDABAD - Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Based upon my personal opinion, I think Faridabd is the best and only way to go in the NCR (National Capital Region) if you are really willing to get the best out of your investment. I am based in US and am working as a S.W professional and have plans to settle down in India soon. I did substantial research and finally ended up investing in Status Expandable Villa in Sector 49, Faridabad in 2005. The prices have extremely gone up since then and am very happy and satisfied with the choice I made. Especially, as the city continues to develop with all the upcomming malls and other places of commercial interests, the prices are bound to go up a lot more. So my piece of advice for your peace of mind is FARIDABAD.

        God bless!!!!
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          Re : Where should I invest in India?


          Hi Lokesh

          ya everybody is right that Faridabad is the good option to invest money but u can't neglect Gurgaon, Sonepat,Kochi. These are the places from where u can make money within one or two years which is ur priority.Realty is rising in Sonepat and Kochi now a days, here u can invest less money and make more profit.

          Good Luck!


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            Re : Where should I invest in India?


            That is what i exactly meant when i mentioned Faridabad. By investing in Faridabad, you can easily double-tripple your investments over the period of time. Especially with the common wealth game comming up in 2010. Atleast that is what I have been experiencing. I made my investment around the end of 2005 and started to see the results in the begining of 2006 and the trend has continued since then, as Faridabad continues to grow and develop.

            That's my 2 cents of suggestion.

            God Bless!!!!!!!!!


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              Re : Where should I invest in India?

              now your better time to invest in Hyderabad International Airport in Andhrapradesh

              We are developing mega township with DTCP approved layout, like upcoming international airport, Textile Park, Fab City, Golf Course, etc plus educational institutions like N G Ranga Agricultural University and engineering colleges, gives it an added lInvestment Hot Spots near New International Airport, Hyderabad
              Exclusive Ventures, which specializes in research and analysis of emerging real estate opportunities, announced release of three new projects, close to the New International Airport at Hyderabad.

              The projects were brought for international booking prior to the release of Semi- Conductor Policy by the Union Govt. which is expected to drive US$10 Billion investment into the vicinity of the New Airport at Shamshabad. In a recent analysis, Mr. Pramod Kiron, CEO of Exclusive Ventures, averred. “For the layman, otherwise busy with his own work, its impossible to visualize the future, along the stretch of land from Airport to Thummalur. But if you sit down and look at the upcoming investments and the resultant employment generation possibilities, its easy to figure out where we would be, after 3 to 4 years”

              Apart from the New International Airport and its ancillary facilities, the locality would brim with high profile projects each pulling in, thousands of employees. The major projects are Fabcity, Hardware Park, SEZs by Stargaze, JT Holding, Indu Tech, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Brahmani Info. Fabcity with US$ 3.6 Billion investment by Semindia / NTSI would take the lead in powerful growth of the location, into a Tech City. The recent Semiconductor Policy may trigger installation of Foundries in India by leaders in this area, like Intel, STM, TI, TSMC. The 1200 Acres world class industrial park for setting up Fab Units near Hyderabad Airport could attract many of these companies, due to the excellent infrastructure, dry whether and offer of low cost power and water, by the State Govt.

              “By 2015, A million jobseekers are expected to move into this area, creating a mega city of unimaginable proportions. The empty roads sides would spring into vibrant commercial activity. The transformation would be rapid and would put in shade, the recent emergence of Hitec City at Hyderabad, in size and magnificence.”

              “Exclusive Ventures is continually analyzing information on upcoming commercial and IT projects and Advisory Notes are prepared to help in low cost, but absolutely safe investments. in this emerging location. The identification of HUDA / HADA Approved layout apart from the best DTCP layouts, in future hot spots should help our members from across the world to make strategic early investments.”


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                Re : Where should I invest in India?

                Hello Mr. Hyderabad International A

                Can you please let me know the ongoing rate in sft / sqyard in Exclusive ventures and location details of this venture. I would like to explore it.



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                  Re : Where should I invest in India?

                  When it comes to investment in real estate, early-mover gets maximum returns. It is very easy to talk of faridabad now and it may continue to be a good option to invest, but the people who had invested around 2 yrs back will reap the maximum benefits. Similarly it is important to identify a place which is about to be discovered and the boom is just around the corner. The small towns which are close to big cities are the best investment options. A few that offer early mover advantage are -

                  • Bahadurgarh
                  • Jhajjar
                  • Vishakhapatnam outskirts
                  • Greater Mohali, kharrar
                  Investing in Plots/land/agriculture is better than apartments in these towns.
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                    Re : Where should I invest in India?

                    better to invest in sorrounding of Mumbai but not in close vicinity say Navi Mumbai or upto Virar, rather Karjat, Kasara, Dahanu etc. or may choose Solapur etc.


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