I live in Sydney and am interested in buying an apartment in India (Bangalore/Cochin/Trivandrum). Do any banks consider home loan applications from NRI's in Australia.

Many of the bank websites that I checked out or contacted (ICICI, Citibank) only provide loans to NRI's from certain countries, and Australia is apparently not on the list.

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  • Hans,
    Why dont you buy in own country where are you living ? People like you are simply increasing the price of Indian market. You people think this is an Investment where 1000 of people does not have house/food becos of people like you.
    No hurt feeling, telling the truth.

  • How do I locate my property!

    Hi all!.. I mean Arin Too :) ... well.. lol m embarresed to say this.. but i really cant find my property! .. Id be really gratefull if sm one can help me here ! .. my granpa had bourght a 30*40 site at varthur bangalore on 1983 and got it registered on my moms name!.. Ive got the title deed and another sheet which says house licence... the site number and the survey number is given on the papers..thats it.. and ofcourse the site numbers of those surrounding ours.. i.e, north east south n west.. but the problem is finding it in varthur.. its been 25 yrs n we havnt evn paid the regular tax since the first.. we even tried the taluk offce and we tried sevral times searching for this property in and around varthur but in vain... some one please help me on how to find it and what to do... or is there any website where I can locate my property ? pls help!

    Thnx for reading this.. n for ur concern ...
  • Arin,

    Why am I not buying here instead? Because I dont intend to live here forever. I dont see what the big problem is with wanting to buy a house back home that I can live in when I choose to return.

    House prices going up as demand increases is a natural thing. Its a sign of a healthy economy. It has its benefits - more jobs for local builders, more availablity of rental homes, more money flowing in and eventually spent by the sellers etc.

    Besides, I'm not looking at paying above market rates or inflated prices and I'm not looking at it as a "sell it off when prices go up" sortof thing either.

    BTW Andy,
    Thanks for keeping on-topic :)