As a UK based investor in the Indian property market, one of the greatest difficulties I come across is independant Property Dealers who put their own interest first.

Sure, independant Property dealers want to make a living along with the rest of us, but independant dealers who push properties that they have 'booked' or have some other interest in is not the way forward.

If you are sensible and honest in your advice people like me and other foreign investors will come back to you again ...and again ...and again.

If you are a dealer with sound advice do get in touch. My experience tells me that there arent may about. Please prove me wrong
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  • Hi

    All most all the NRI have or know of a bad experience of investing in India.

    As I have said in my other posts.

    It is only you who can stop all these
    1. Check all the papers & get a copy for yourself. E.g. Clear Title, Approved building plans, Commencement certificate, Completion /Occupation certificate.

    There will be cheater all around the globe. IF you don't do your thing right then you should not blame others.

    Think about it. Have you checked the papers?