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Cambrian Forest, SKM Group, Sector 95, Gurgaon
August 21 2012 , 10:44 PM   #31
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SKM Project

i have also booked a 2 BHK there, but still lots of confusion, Please share status of this project....
is project is launched?, any work is not going on site?

Originally Posted by idn66085
Did you already fill the booking form? Have you got the unit alloted yet?

Just trying to track where other people who booked in this Project are?

I just got the application form from the company, that's it which I will be sending back next week. Anybody who booked in this project please share their status?? I have invested in this considering possession would be in a minimum 4 years so no complaints. Atleast application had a BSP of 3000/3250 up from 2600 since Early January 2012.
August 21 2012 , 11:16 PM   #32

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Originally Posted by MKK
The following story would be of interest to DXWay investors, as SKM has the Sector 95 project in proximity of the Dwarka Expressway, and there are many builders that are collecting money from the unsuspecting public without disclosing the risks involved. If you have trouble seeing the story or images please click here <A href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank> and if you would like to be updated about the DXWay field survey and more stories like these please send an email to <A href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank> with DXWay in the subject.


After an FIR (No 88 at the Kherki Daula Police Station) was registered in May 2012 against the builder SKM Refcon <A href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank> for selling plots in Sector 78 & 79 under the name Cambrian Island without any license, and more FIR's expected for selling apartments in Cambrian Forest (Sector 95, Gurgaon) again without any licence, buyers of the plots and apartments are apprehensive that the Chairman & Managing Director Sumeet Kr Malhotra, who is a UK citizen, may be preparing to flee with crores of their money.

<IMG alt="Inline image 3">

The Executive Director, who is also the authorized signatory, and on whom the full force of the law for this illegal selling of plots and apartments may fall is Satya Khanna.

<IMG alt="Inline image 4">
The company has used its website <A href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank> and the help of many Gurgaon brokers to ensnare gullible buyers, many even claiming falsely on their websites that the project Cambrian Forest is DTCP (Directorate Of Town & Country Planning ) approved.

The FIR was filed for illegal selling of plots in May 2012, and has been widely reported in the newspapers.

<IMG alt="Inline image 5">

<IMG alt="Inline image 6">

The license was actually in Sector 95 in the name of Pal Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. The company accepted bookings under the name of Pal City Park, but then abandoned the project. In addition to not fully paying the landowner Mr Manmohan Gupta for the land (and who has reclaimed the land by roping it a few days ago), Pal infrastructure did not pay the EDC as mandated an in time and hence the the licence is no longer operative. An application for the renewal of the license of Pal is pending with the DTCP & Director General Mr TC Gupta has not yet made the call on renewing the license.

Here is the licence number (42 of 2008) issued in the name of Pal Infrastructure.

<IMG alt="Inline image 7">

Here is the Environmental Clearance in the name of Pal Infrastructure.
<IMG alt="Inline image 8">

And here is the website of Pal Infrastructure <A href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank> still online and selling the project on the same land parcel that SKM Refcon has sold its Cambrian Forest project on. Interestingly, the Pal Infra website still claims that LIC and BHW Home finance are providing home loans for the project.

<IMG alt="Inline image 9">

Despite the fact that there is no valid license for Sector 95's cambrian Forest, and despite the fact that the land does not belong to them, and despite the fact that the license was not in their name, SKM Refcon has gone ahead and collected money from the buyers. In fact they might have even sold over 450 2BHK apartments ... over 2 to 3 times that are actually possible in a land parcel of this size and according to the density norms.

Here is a screen capture of the types of apartments that SKM Refcon is selling.
<IMG alt="Inline image 10">

Estimates range that the scam is worth of Rs 300 crore, and already money in the range of Rs 30 to 40 crore Rs has already been collected from unsuspecting buyers as booking amounts and construction linked payment plan installments. Of course no construction has been done as neither is the land theirs and nor is there any license ....

UK Citizen Sumeet Kumar (Kr) Malhotra (who is now driving an Audi Q5 worth atleast Rs 50 lakhs) and SKM Refcon have been able to raise over 30 to 40 crore from the buyers by the help of Indian Brokers - many of who are licensed by the Government of Haryana (a list of licensed property dealers may be found here <A href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank> and their roles and responsibilities of the brokers are detailed under the Haryana Regulation of Property. Dealers and Consultants Act; 2008 here <A href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank> Misinforming the public is an offence under the Act

good share....
it should actually sends warning bells ringing loud for the ones having investment in this particular project.
August 22 2012 , 09:42 PM   #33

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safe project .. relax kids
August 22 2012 , 10:02 PM   #34

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Joint venture projects generally have problems... furher no launch of project even after 10 months.... seems there is something really wrong guys...
August 22 2012 , 10:17 PM   #35

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Originally Posted by ravicfa
safe project .. relax kids
such crisp quotes..usually misguides many

plz share more details if you have any ?
August 24 2012 , 08:41 AM   #36

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Originally Posted by Girwar Meena
Hi All,

I am also unfortunately one of the customer of SKM Cambrian. I booked in hurry, as I was about to leave and I thought its ok, as money involved is not too big at the time of booking. SKM guys are giving wrong information and lie easily. Let me describe my situation:
1. I booked in Jan month and got confirmation that it is about to be launch. Unfortunately I did not check all the required approvals.
2. I enquired further and they said, keep second installment ready and project will be launched in March month. I paid the Second installment too. As no reason to backout at the stage due to some wrong information by SKM. They said price is already 3200.
3. In March I made payment but did not receive the confirmation from SKM about payment. After following up, I received it after 20 days.
4. I talked to SKM executive and he said there were some issues and now all is clear. They said project will be launched in March end if not April is 101%. Also, they said they have stopped booking already.
5. I did not get any notification in April month. I talked again and this time they said there is an approval issue and it is pending, but all is fine now and I should not be worry. 6. May - June - July - August went...No new update. Same fake statements. A person from JMD said, they will send me scan copy of welcome letter, as I was outside India. I did not receive any. Next day when I called, he said they do not have this process at this point. This is obviously too much by now. He said he will arrange to send it by courier. Not sure why it took whole July and August to get a courier withing Delhi. Courier was nothing but a message saying, welcome to SKM family. Also, they said allotment will be done later. So still some fake, lie statements are going around. About the price, may be in market they said 3750, units are available at 3000-2900 too.

Lets talk about SKM and PAL group story.
I also had a discussion with one person from PAL group about this project. SKM told me they acquired land from PAL group and money of all customers have been returned, except few of the customers who want the flat. PAL and SKM agreed to provide them flat, they are around 40 such customers. Now PAL and SKM playing here again. PAL claims they still hold the license and not yet handed it over to SKM. While SKM says, they own all required license and approval.
When PAL customer asked more queries, PAL sales person said, get this in written from SKM. So things are twisting at both end.
I also get some response when I warned SKM about legal action. Now I am looking to collect information about all customers, who have booked flat in SKM and send the notification to SKM office signed by all members. This will definitely help to get the clear picture and come out of all twist and lies...
Please contact me on my email id.
Hi Meena don't say unfortunate. We put a bet on a cheap project thinking not much to loose and I still maintain the same status. I invested giving this project 4-5 years and it is only 7 months yet from when I booked it. And not to mention there are so many other branded projects in Gurgaon which have been launched for 1-1.5 years and still no sign of construction. And by saying all that I am no way defending SKM or this Project, certainly they have not met /delivered at any of the dates they promised. Even I have been in touch with them for last 6 months.

The last they told me last week was Sir dont worry about you investment it is safe. We have launched the Project, we have the License and we even started sending request for second installment and currently working on Sep-Oct-Nov of 2011 applications and then next three months and so on. After 20% payment we will make allotments or something like that I might have gotten confused on allotment timeline. And he sent me the layout of the flats. Someone from SKM did call with some question on unit size so it appear somebody is working doing something. Even if construction starts mid next year it will be great. But seems they have certainly sold most of inventory they opened so far. And just for little satisfaction rates are up from 2700 to 3250 for 3bhk I booked. Obviously not the resale just fresh booking, one cannot expect rates in market unless construction starts.

So is there anybody out there who has received request for 2nd installment or any allotment letter? Meena, how come you made second installment no one ever asked me? I also booked in January. Is there anyone else who made second payment? (unless it was just broker asking for it)

My take is someone or group of few who invested in this Project to go to their office and ask what is going on, unless someone knows better then this.
August 25 2012 , 04:07 PM   #37
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SKM is reliability

Can anobody comment on reliability of SKMnow. Is it better to cancel the deal and find out some other options? Acually now the rate in that area (sec 95) has already been increased so if we cancel SKM now then nothing will be there in same price range. On the other side, if we don't cancel it then it is a big risk with money. So confusing situation.

It is almost an year after booking but still not launched. Moreover there is nothing being done at site. SKM people always say that we are sending welcome letters. Now they are saying second instalment needs to be paid after recieving welcome letters and after that they will start the processing of alotment. It means there is no alotment on second instalment too.

Moreover I recieved some calls from brokers. They are saying to cancel it. If it will be cancelled now then monery will be refunded back. But In futue there is no guarantee of money back.

It is big drama - what is going on and what is reality?

What you all guys (who have booked in SKM) are doing?
August 26 2012 , 06:26 AM   #38
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Hi Mr. Jindal and Other who Have Unit with SKM,

I am in touch with SKM, JMD and UNICON...They are always trying to make false statements (Read my previous post).
Yesterday, I discussed about the SKM status with GM (Marketing). He is ensuring me that there is no more issues and they are planning to launch it in September...Same kind of committment, I got when I asked this thing in March and Mr. Dinesh Kirar from SKM said, yes project will be launched in March end or April month (101%).
As per new statement, they want us to wait will 10th of September. Same time, I think it will be good if all of us write an email and forward this to them. If you all guys can sign one email, I will forward this to them and can force them to answer. Also, it will be good to visit the SKM head office once...I am currently outside India, so cannot follow up much in person...
Also, there are many illegal things, like accpeting booking in soft launch, incorrect informaiton on websites of property brokers about SKM, like Unicon...I am thinking about that option, if nothing happens by 10th September....I need support from you guys, so SKM come under pressure...
August 26 2012 , 07:32 AM   #39
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I suggest you guys should not think further even after so many glaring disclosures n negative publicity. I dnt think forming group wud help, when there is a fradulent intent. Suggest you act when its not late
August 27 2012 , 11:16 PM   #40

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Ok I got the welcome letter last week. SKM did not ask for any further payment or anything. Just a simple few lines welcome letter. Some movement.

Anybody else got it too? Anybody got request for 2nd Installment?

Meena if you wanna lead to form group and write to them, count me in I can send you my email.
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