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Home makeover on a budget? Possible
August 25 2012 , 02:14 PM   #1
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Home makeover on a budget? Possible

Are you tired of the same old look of your house? Would a little redecoration add more colour to your life as well as your home? Well, there is good news. With a little bit of imagination and a bit of determination you can transform your drab house into something colourful and energetic.

A limited budget is not as scary as it was some time ago. All you need is a little research to achieve those great results. The entire look, feel and energy of a house can be charged up by following a few simple tips and where the factor at play is imagination, not the purse string. Please do remember, more expensive does not necessarily mean it is better. Something can look great without really having to cost an arm and leg.

Getting started

1. Planning & Research

No matter how big or small something seems to be — planning makes it a lot easier. However, before you can plan, you need to know what is available out there. To accomplish this, go through some home and interior magazines, do a Web search on interior design and home improvement and you will get ideas. Keep your eyes open whenever you visit someone else’s home.

Think of what you feel will suit your personality. After this, make a list of things you would like to incorporate. Do not bother about price right now. You will generally be able to find the same thing or something very similar at a lower price as well. You just need to plan and research a bit.

2. Do an inventory check

List things in order of importance and then check all pieces of furniture, decoration items, upholstery and fabrics room by room and make a list of items that you:

a. Want to retain as it is.

b. Want to retain but change or modify the look. You can do this by calling in the carpenter or furniture maker, who can help you build some new pieces that you saw in the market but above your budget.

3. Painting

Colours say a lot about your style and persona, and change the way a room looks and feels. Choose wisely from a wide range of colour options available in the market. Apart from the regular textures, there is a wide variety of textures available now. Depending on the room, the colour can vary from bright and bold to dramatic, subtle and artistic. It is not necessary to use expensive paints.

With a little research, you will find the right paint and painter to suit your budget. It is always better to work closely with the painter while selecting colours, brands, type of paint and designs. There are also many do it yourself options available. If you are willing to get your hands dirty and gather some friends to support you this would be a fun way to redo your home.

4. New Entrance – new look

By changing the way the front entrance looks can accomplish a lot without much effort. This does not necessarily mean that the door needs to be changed but some changes to the entrance could be made like painting it or adding a decorated laminate. You can also go in for paint options for the door. A nameplate with your names, wall murals, pots at the entrance and soft lighting will add to the new look.

5. Landscaping

A great way to redecorate on a budget is get in an array of beautiful pots and multi-coloured planters and decorate them around the house, or them around the entrance and in the balcony. You can also go in for a small grass patch in your balcony to give it a lawn-like effect, now that artificial grass is easily available in various shapes and sizes.

6. Do It Yourself

‘Do it yourself’ or DIY can be a lot of fun. In addition, it saves money. It does not mean you have to become a mason or a carpenter or take some formal training in plumbing or electrical wiring. If you have the knack for it and you love sewing — then sew your own curtains, pillows, spreads, mats from unused pieces of clothes, saris etc. A bit of cleaning around the house will give you many unused accessories, cards, buttons, laces, trinkets and extra mugs, unused boxes etc. All this can either be discarded, or with a bit of imagination, be transformed into unique pieces of decorative items, storage items etc.

Make your own creative, low budget artwork with glass frames by making a picture that fits in well with the colour scheme of the room you are going for. If not photos, then dried leaves, flowers, either patterns, art pieces all can be framed to get a retro, modern or a traditional look depending on the item being framed.

7. Lighting

Lighting creates different kinds of effects in the same room. Strategically placed lights play an important role in changing the mood of a room. Instead of a single large overhead light or practically spending a bomb on chandeliers or expensive crystals to give accent to your room use down-lighters and uplighters, focused lighting, highlighters to give accent to paintings nooks and niches. Lighting is one of the most important aspects to the mood of a room and the kind of energy it emits.

8. Essences

Using essences can also elevate the energy of a house. Lemon grass or patchouli can be used to create a pleasant smell within the house. These are also known to elevate the mood as well. Along with dim lighting, these can give you the feeling of being in a spa right at your own home.

9. Cleanliness

You might have the best of décor items and expensive paint and finishes but the fact remains that if it is not clean then it is no good. Keep the room sparkling clean. This will make a house look fresher and grander.

10. Get rid of the clutter

Less is more, and spaces are beautiful. Less of clutter and more of empty spaces are some essentials for home decorating. More spacious and clutter free the more inviting your home is. However, the most important point being — cleanliness.

With these few tips, you can make a big difference in your home. Creativity, simplicity and passion are the key ingredients in giving your house a makeover.

Home makeover on a budget? Possible - Indian Express
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