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It’s Now the Turn of Fine Home Design
October 27 2012 , 10:26 AM   #41
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A makeover for your bathroom

Bathrooms are an integral part of our home and we should always take care when designing it. It is very important for us to select the right elements, the main being plumbing features like faucets, sanitary ware, shower spray, etc. One gets attracted towards a bathroom only when if it looks nice, clean and offers ease of use. This is possible, only when one selects the right kind of faucets and other bathroom accessories.

One must bear in mind that bathroom fittings must be fixed and attached properly to avoid instances of water leakage and seepage.

One can choose from a variety of models and styles of taps that are available in market, keeping in mind the look of our bathroom. Always remember to choose designs that blend with the interior of the space.

Cross water taps are the popular ones among different varieties of taps.

They are noted for their durability, style, quality and suit your budget too. There are a wide variety of showers available too — they are efficient, user friendly and stylish. These showers assure complete comfort as they are designed using the latest technology to enhance the glory of your bathroom. Showers should always be selected from the best quality options as they form a very important part of our bathroom interiors.

The design can either be simple or luxurious. A simple room can be created using pastel colours such as cream, blue and white. Alternatively, an elegant room can be created using tiles, metal, marble and glass. In choosing bathroom accessories, the best thing to consider is their form and function.

In decorating the bathroom, consider the theme that you like. It is easy to make necessary changes when you know how it should look like after decorating it. This is useful when you're about to beautify the room by thinking over it first. Bathroom fixtures serve many functions, being appropriate for small and large rooms. A cabinet for towels is useful to save space, along with shelves for hygiene products and cosmetics. You can simply improve your bathroom's appearance by using bathtub and bathroom lights. Do consider the colour of the space. The accessories must blend with the colour in order to have a balanced effect. Your taste can be expressed using some colourful wall pictures and flowers.

More importantly, consider the purpose of the accessory and the material used. You should choose only the fixtures that can help you the most. What really matters most is that you should choose the best bathroom accessories that are right for you. Remember that it should always satisfy your needs first.

A makeover for your bathroom - Indian Express
November 3 2012 , 11:16 AM   #42
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Way with vases

Most of us possess flower vases but a few know how to put them to best use. A vase full of creatively arranged flowers can add colour and fragrance that brings to life an otherwise austere room

They come in a variety of materials: ceramics, brass, bone china and cut glass. They vary in shape: tall and slender, wide mouthed and shapely, flat and shallow. Ranging in colours and designs, they come painted with delicate brush strokes or meticulously carved glass. Though by themselves they make pretty decoration pieces, when complimented with flowers, they instantly brighten up a room with their natural beauty.

Flower vases. We are all familiar with them and most of us possess them too. Yet only a few put them to their best use. A vase full of flowers with creative arrangements adds cheer to the house. Flower vases that often grace entrances of homes not only enhance the beauty of the foyer but add to the welcome. In the drawing room, they splash colour and fragrance that brings to life an otherwise austere room full of furniture.


Dining in the presence of flowers say dieticians, can stimulate flow of natural digestive juices helping the body to assimilate food better. Even the dullest menu can be turned into a feast with pretty flower vases gracing the table. Dreary hospital rooms, when brightened with simple vases and a stem of a single flower are said to hasten recovery. Austere offices tend to become friendly with that subtle touch of a vase on the side of the mahogany table.


Kitchen windows can suddenly brighten up when herbs are placed inside a shallow flower vase, keeping the cooks in good humour. Food prepared in such a congenial environment, say the Shastras, has a cooling effect on people who eat.


No room need be without flowers and their containers. Bathrooms thus far deemed to be merely essential features in a house are no longer expected to be drab and colourless. Flowers can bring in that touch of elegance and glamour.

Huge vases in ceramics have caught the fancy of many homemakers. Designer pottery vases in earthy hues are the rage in homes. Exhibitions of flower vases are often well attended and few mind opening the purse strings for a piece of attractive ceramic vase.

Brass vases have been used as table bases peering through glass tops. A huge brass urn filled with water hyacinths, shells and gold fish, when topped with planed thick glass can serve as a most unconventional dining table. Crystal vases, mounted on antique brass stands are unique and eye catching.

Imaginative Arrangements

Conventional designs can be replaced by a more imaginative blending of fresh cut flowers and berries, herbs and fruits. A potted narangi bonsai can become the centre of attraction in a room.

But while decorating a vase with flowers, remember some simple principles which will enhance the life of flowers and keep your room fresh for days on end.

Before arranging flowers in a vase snip off half an inch of the stem to do away with the dirt that might be accumulated at the end. Then immerse in lukewarm water for five minutes. Since stems absorb warm water more easily any air bubbles inside them would be washed away resulting in higher vase life for flowers. Change water one in two days and each time add half a teaspoon of sugar to the water this will help flowers bloom and live longer.

Once you have mastered these simple steps let your imagination run wild with the flowers and vases. They'll add the kind of magic to your house that even the most expensive piece of furniture cannot do.
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November 7 2012 , 08:38 PM   #43
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Top 10 mistakes in Bathroom Design

Decorating your bathroom can take much time than the other rooms. Bathroom requires careful planning otherwise you can face some big problems of water leakage, slippery floor and poor ventilation. To avoid some mistakes in bathroom design find out some facts which are common in every body’s bathroom and make your bathroom design perfect and well designed.

Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing faults are common in bathroom designs. It happens often when you turn on the shower and see water pouring from the walls. You are surprised to know that the Plumbing pipes are leaking; it will cost you a lot. Your plumber has to destroy the tiles to repair the plumbing pipes. Ensure that your pipes are positioned in such a way so that they can be accessed easily when needed repairs.

Slippery Floor

Always use slip resistant material for bathroom floor. Glossy tiles and polished stones are slippery that may cause serious accidents. Shiny and glossy material is fine for faucets and wall tiles; invest in modern non slip floors. The floor can be made of pebbled tiles and Unglazed tiles. Wood floor is also slip resistant and looks attractive in bathroom, but it costs a lot.

Improper Ventilation

if bathroom does not have adequate ventilation it can build condensation in the room and may eventually invites mildew. Natural lighting and proper ventilation is necessary for mould free and moisture free bathroom. If you have window in bathroom leave it open when it is not in use, it may solve the problem of mildew and moisture. Ventilation fan can also be mounted on wall; these are more effective in a bathroom having no window.

Inadequate Storage

You may think that there is no need to have storage space in bathroom but when you think about the things such as towels, shampoos, extra soaps, cleaning products etc. you may wish to have extra room for that. A bathroom wall cabinet can add special look to your bathroom and also help you to hide the utilitarian in it. Vanity cabinets can also be considered for storage space that will help you to hide the drainage hole of vanity sink. You may decide to go for open storage shelves and wall cabinets with mirror. Beautiful perfume bottles, shampoos and decorative pieces may enhance overall look by displaying them on exposed shelves.

Improper lighting

Natural and artificial light both are essential for a good bathroom design. To make your bathroom more inviting, lighting at proper place is required. Natural light helps you to make your bathroom mould free and ventilated. A dimmer in bathroom may help you to find out the way in bathroom at night. When thinking about light bulbs, go for halogen lights. Bath needs over all lighting and task lighting over the vanity mirror.

Improper placed toilets

Toilet looks awkward if it is located right beside the door. Plan the toilet furthest away from the door and basin to be closet to it. It can be frustrating if toilet is too far away from the sink. To make toilet comfortable, place the toilet near the sink and as far away from the door.

Lack of planning

Designing a bathroom is not always a simple case of just fixing water closet, sink and faucets. Plumbing is required proper planning before you begin work. When planning your bathroom design to consider how best to make use of available space. Flooring, lighting, ventilation and proper placement of toilet are other most important considerable things in bathroom designs. Before designing a bathroom plan bathroom design on paper, if possible consult a skilled people to make your bathroom more functional and comfortable.

Using the wrong material

Use of water proof material in bathroom will make it water resistant. Material that is water resistant work well in bathroom. Ceramic and porcelain tiles work wonderfully for a bathroom. Natural stones or hardwood can also be used for bathroom, make sure to have them sealed properly. Teak wood is a great choice for bathroom because it is water resistant. Also ensure that the tile adhesive is water proof. If the tile adhesive is not water proof it can weaken the adhesive and cause the tiles to crack. Low quality plumbing pipes used in bathroom can cause leakage that also costs you a lot.

Uncomfortable spacing

Some bathrooms are small, but sometimes spacing in the room is making it less functional. Bathroom requires some space around and in front of toilet, sink and tub. You can opt for a pedestal sink for small space instead of large sink. To open cabinets comfortably, you will need 2 feet space in front of it. Enough space is also required for comfortable movement in the bathroom.

No room for door

When designing a bathroom you have to make sure that there is enough space to open the door.

It is a common mistake to install a door and find it hits the sink or the edge of the vanity cabinet. In a small bathroom, try to use sliding door or a door that opens outwards. Leave proper space for door to swing unobstructed.
November 17 2012 , 09:40 AM   #44
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Mirror magic


The desire to have the luxury of space in an environment dominated by houses with confined space is never ending. Mirrors can weave a magical illusion adding an element of extra space to any room.

A clever use of mirrors and strategically positioned lights and candles can add an allure and shine to one’s home décor. Especially at dinner time, mirrors can be combined with candles and low light to create the illusion of space.

Even for a small place, using plenty of mirrors of different shapes and sizes at strategic locations can create a reflection that illuminates the entire area making the space look bigger.


Mirrors used for decorating can be of various types ranging from mirrors with or without frames to Vietnamese or Victorian etc.

Frameless mirrors assure an uncluttered look and less maintenance. Wall mirrors act as great decorative pieces and can add depth with character to any room in one's home.

Adding a sense of reflection, the use of mirrors can beautify the space and make it appear larger than the actual size.

December 1 2012 , 09:22 AM   #45
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Fit for a princess

Planning to deck up your daughter’s room can be a daunting task, more so if she is a tween or a teen. There’s a whole lot that she may want and anything against her wishes may not go down very well. Though individual choices do matter the most, there are certain “magical” elements that have a universal appeal with all little princesses. Here we have some ideas that can help you put together the right elements in her room.

Every little girl I know loves pretty colours. So for her room she’ll cherish, select fabrics with flowers, trellises, cute animals, or butterflies. You might stencil flowers, vines, and butterflies on walls as a colourful accent, using paint colours matched to your fabric or wallpaper choices. Don’t forget soft, airy curtains for the windows.


If water and beach is her favourite theme then create an ocean theme using watery blues for the wall, sand colours on the floor, and clouds in the sky (ceiling). Take colour cues from a beachy border wallpaper, art print, or piece of furniture like a colourful stool. You’ll almost be able to hear the waves!

Starry trends

Starlight is a great theme, and you’ll find many fabrics, wallpapers, and bedsheets with star patterns. This theme appeals to both boys and girls, and is available in many colours both bright and pastel. You might get star-shaped rubber stamps (or sponges) and dip into wall paint to create your own star border, decorate furniture, or make random stars all over the walls or ceiling. A star quilt or rug will complete the theme.

Create a wonderful, soft look with the light of moon. The ceiling might be midnight blue, with painted moon and stars, or use some of the stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars. Embellish a colourful painted bookshelf with crisp white stars, or liven up a plain white chest with a rainbow of star shapes. Find a moon and star quilt or fabric to use for window treatments. Then add a moon cutout headboard.

Angels, fairies, and elves

This universal theme will be adored by girls of any age. Angel themes could use faux painted skies and clouds, fluffy canopy beds, and soft icy pinks, blues, and lavendars. Fairy shapes are appealing with transparent wings, sparkling wands, and silvery magic dust. Try to incorporate some sparkles with glittering accents, silver paint, and magical designs.

Flower power

Bright and bold oranges, sun yellows, lime greens, and watermelon pinks are the basis of this retro-60s look. Find colourful borders and fabrics featuring stylised simple flower shapes in hot colours, and match these with some plain fabrics for ruffles, valances, and window seat pillows. These flower shapes would be easy to enlarge on a copy machine and trace onto the walls in random patterns, then paint with wild colors matched to the fabrics.

Merry sunshine

Paint a mural of hills, with the sunrise peeking over the top. Use sunny yellow checked bedding and quilts, green rugs for grass, and paint the ceiling a soft sky blue. Waking up will be easy and fun using this summery look which is sure to please many a young child.

Cute cottage style

This is a great theme if your child will be using hand-me-down furniture for her room. Think lots of white and paint all the furniture for creating a cottage style room. Then use either light colours (pink, sky blue, pale green) or set the white off against bright clear colours like grass green or marine blue. You can also use fabric patterns such as tea-stained cotton florals, or use brighter florals, ginghams, or stripes.

Mary Engelbreit

You’ll find lots of cute ideas for decorating a girl’s room in the “Mary Engelbreit’s Childrens Companion” book. Just find a photo you like and follow this whimsical artist's lead. Colourful walls, painted furniture, and stencil designs will give the room a smile. Then “don’t look back,” as Mary likes to say.

Cats, dogs, and more

Cats, dogs, horses, bunnies, or other darling animals may be the perfect choice for an up-to-date girl's room. Certainly your little one has a favorite, or make it a menagerie if she can’t decide. Choose from colour themes in pastels, medium tones, brights, or primary colors, and use these happy designs on furniture, borders, and accessories.

Princesses and castles

Your princess can have a room befitting her high status if you use sheer fabrics and fanciful details. Embellish the walls with faux painted castle walls, murals, and blue skies for a truly memorable girl’s room. Contrast the weighty look of faux stone walls with trails of stenciled ivy or flowers and swaths of pretty netting used as a bed canopy.

Tea party

Pretty hats can adorn a room with a tea party theme. She can arrange her toy pals in chairs around a tea table and play until supper time. Be sure to include a pretty tea set and other tea themed accessories throughout the room. Cheerio!


Young girls who avidly participate in any sport — whether it’s riding, skating, softball, swimming, or soccer — can readily identify with this decorating theme. Wallies or a wallpaper border is a perfect place to start for a colour scheme and in a search for coordinating curtains and bedding. Look for innovative touches to support the theme and be sure to include display shelves to house awards, game photos, and medals.


The toile look has made a huge comeback in recent years and can help create a more sophisticated look for an older girl. Find this timeless design in fabrics and wallpapers, in colours that range from blue, red, green, black, and beige patterns on a white background, to newer iterations that incorporate multi-colours such as yellow and blue on white or ivory.
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December 8 2012 , 09:18 AM   #46
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No sweat furniture hunt

Picking up the right furniture pieces will not be an onerous task if you follow these guidelines

Buying new furniture for your home always requires a lot of thought and planning. The mind boggling array of designs and materials is enough to confuse even a sufficiently experienced buyer. The dilemma is just not limited to buy or not to buy but it is which one to buy and how much to buy. Selecting the right designs, materials, colours and balancing the cost factor is, no doubt, a Herculean task and very often buyers actually end up with pieces that are either not of good quality or are not in consonance with the space and style of their home. Here are some tips that will make furniture shopping a pleasant experience:


nvest in quality

Buying furniture is an investment. It is better to buy lifetime pieces; one at a time than to buy a whole room of furniture at one go, that might wear out within a year. Hence, quality is another important factor that is to be kept in mind while purchasing furniture. It can be known by the weight of the furniture. It is usually believed that furniture of high quality will have more weight. When buying sofas and chairs, it is essential to look how the frame is made and what kind of material is used in making the frame. Manufacturers sometimes use dried wood for frames that cannot hold the fabric for a longer time and regular sitting might damage the furniture. If you are buying wood furniture always go for hardwood furniture for lasting durability and sturdiness. Careful inspection and analysis of the quality of the furniture is extremely important before purchasing any furniture.

Keep your lifestyle in mind

One should always keep one’s lifestyle in mind and consider the environment one is living in before purchasing any furniture. Remember this is your home — your furniture has to be comfortable and practical. We all have kids, pets and friends that we want to enjoy our homes and our furniture. You want to be sure to pick pieces that are beautiful, yet also fit your lifestyle.

Learn about design and ideas

One can also refer interior and decor magazines for ideas on how to make the best use of space. These magazines will also give an idea of the upcoming furniture styles and materials. One can also visit model homes and apartments that are furnished by professional decorators. Not only do these models evoke good ideas about different furniture styles, but one can also learn to select the right kind of furniture for each room.

Research on furniture brands

Wise consumers always know their seller before they buy. After deciding what you want to buy, the style, colour, design, etc. you need to do a research on furniture stores and brands available to get the best pieces that you can afford. One should always ask neighbors and friends for recommendations, and if possible, browse around before buying. Before buying, one should always enquire about the seller's credit terms, delivery service and after sales services provide by them.

Always take measurements

The pre-requisite to every furniture shopping is the knowledge of the exact measurement of the space. As the old saying goes “measure twice, cut once”. Same goes for buying furniture. One should know the length, breadth and height of the space, the amount of weight the floor can withstand and also the size of the doorway to the place you are about to furnish. If one doesn’t have enough space or wants to save space one can buy functional furniture which can be used for multiple purposes.
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Great, great thread. Really enjoyed it.
December 29 2012 , 08:29 PM   #48
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Warm up to the old-world charm


The winter season is here and who wouldn’t love to sit in front of a warm fire in those cold chilly evenings. The golden glow of crackling flames lends a surreal aura to the ambience of any room in this weather. A fireplace is an architectural structure designed to contain a fire for heating. Over time the design of fireplaces has changed from the one of necessity to one of visual interest. Early ones were more fire pits than the modern designer fireplaces. They were used for warmth on cold days and nights, as well as for cooking. By the 1800s most new fireplaces were made up of two parts — the surround and the insert.

-The surround consisted of the mantelpiece and sides supports, usually in wood, marble or granite.

-The insert was where the fire burned, and was constructed of cast iron often backed with decorative tiles.

-Fireplaces using wood as its main fuel are passe. They are considered outdated and pose a lot of problems despite their distinct beauty. The availability and cost of wood is also a major problem in maintaining such a fireplace. In case, your house has a traditional fireplace and you wish to use it, then make sure you keep a few points in mind:

-Keep the fireplace clean. The spot around the fireplace and hearth must generally be kept clear of decorations and any flammable materials.

-Maintain proper ventilation in the room.

-The chimney must be clean and checked every year before winters. An unclean chimney is a fire hazard.

-Childproof your fireplace space. Get rid of fireplace tools and ensure you have an adult in the room at all times.

-Homes need to have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on each and every floor. Homeowners will need to regularly examine their devices to make certain they’re working correctly. Exposure to carbon monoxide could be extremely dangerous.

-Learn the proper way of lighting and extinguishing a fire.

Gas fireplaces

In recent years, gas fireplaces have also become a new trend replacing the old and traditional fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are clean, less problematic, and are decorative like traditional wood fireplaces. Even though these come with a number of benefits, the price of gas is a deterrent for some users.

Decorative element

The fireplace is often the focal point of the room and its mantle should be decorated beautifully. The mantel can add a lot of decoration to your home from custom colours and looks. Wood or stone can also add to the living room décor. The classic mirror-over-fireplace trick can reflect traditional or modern tastes, depending on which style of mirror you choose. Paintings, too, can be used instead of mirrors.

You can include decorative statues that can be placed on your mantel. Deciding what statue to choose from starts with what look you are trying to achieve and the theme of the décor in the room.

Candles are an expected feature of a traditional fireplace mantel. Two candles on either sides or a group of three on one side balanced with a tall accessory on the other side is a great option. You can place flowers, potted plants or a mantle clock. A modern décor calls for a much simpler display.

An electric presence

While the wood-fed fireplaces (top left) are not that common now, the electric fireplaces (top right) mimic a wood or coal fire with virtual ‘flame’ to build the right ambience on a chilly winter evening

Electric fireplaces don’t fail in comparison with gas and wood fireplaces especially when it comes to the electric fireplace mantels and its stone fireplace surrounds. However, these come in a wide variety with stone fireplace surrounds and electric fireplace mantels depending on the customer’s preference. In terms of heating capability, electric fireplaces can provide heat to a 400 sq ft room. Temperature can also be remotely controlled and be set at a preferred level. An electric fireplace is an electric heater that mimics a wood or coal burning fireplace with either light or visual flames. They are often placed in conventional fireplaces which can no longer be used for fires or can be mounted on a wall where there was previously no fireplace. They plug into the electrical sockets in the wall and can run on a “flame only” setting or can be used as a heater. One downside to these fireplaces is that they are considered less effective than the traditional ones.
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Fine finish

Giving finishing touches to the ceilings with Plaster of Paris (POP) has now become an essential component of the construction of a house. Plain looking and plastered ceilings are no more acceptable. POP finish is in fact considered a benchmark in assessing the quality of construction work and a symbol of fondness with which the house owner has built his house.

But POP work demands attention on many fronts. Here are a few important points to be kept in mind while getting POP work done:

The stage: POP work should be started when the plastering work inside the house has been completed, flooring has been laid but its grinding has not been started. In case tiles are to be used in flooring, POP work can be done before the laying of tiles and even before laying the under layer of lean concrete in flooring. POP work shouldn’t be started when only sub base of flooring has been laid as lots of POP drops on the floor. It is difficult to remove it from the lean concrete before the laying marble, granite or tiles. The best time to carry out the POP work is, therefore, after laying of the flooring.

Checks: It should be ensured that all the electric conduits have been provided in the walls and the ceiling. Check that all wiring and cables for electrical provisions, telephones, TVs and inverter have been provided by the electrician. Electricians often miss running of some wires and make recesses in the walls running up to the ceiling. In such cases, POP work often gets damaged.

Assign minimum period: POP work demands erection of scaffolds in the rooms to allow the workers to do the work. Also, POP mixture prepared by them keeps dropping on the floor. During such time, no other activity can be carried out inside the house. POP work activity should, therefore, be planned in such a manner that it gets completed in the minimum possible time.

Prepare designs: In order to get the POP work completed in minimum period, room to room POP work designs should be got prepared from the architect well in advance. This will avoid any interruption in the progress of this work.

POP designs: Sky is the limit in choosing the designs for your house. These days, geometrical designs are preferred over floral designs and no band is run along the joints of walls and ceiling.

Area to be covered: All rooms including toilets, walk in cupboards, dressing rooms, basement, kitchen can have POP finishing. However, be more vigilant when POP work is being done in dressing rooms and toilets as workers tend to be careless here. In case steel shuttering is used in laying RCC slabs for the house, cement plaster is avoided on its underside and this cost is saved. In such cases, providing POP becomes essential to give a proper finish to the ceiling.

Hire a contractor: Good POP work gangs possess amazing expertise. Hand over any design to them and they can convert it into reality with ease. Overhead work is often considered most difficult but they are so habitual of doing it that it often becomes difficult to find even the slightest defect in their work. A POP work gang should be selected after checking its reputation and actually seeing the jobs done by them already.

Through rate work: While almost all other activities in the house are got done on labour rate basis, the trend is to get the POP work done on through rate basis. This proves quite suitable to the house builder as he is saved of all the spade work in arranging the materials. In case POP false ceiling is provided in some rooms, it is also included in through rate work.

Important terms: While allowing POP work on through rate basis to a party, the time to be taken in finishing the job should be clearly decided as the activities of grinding of floor and painting work can be started only on the completion of this work. In case the building has more than a floor, an understanding should be reached that POP work shall first be started at one floor only so that other activities may begin on it when POP gang switches over to the other floor.

Rate: The prevalent rates for false ceiling work is Rs 85 to Rs 110 per sq ft and Rs 25 to Rs 45 per sq ft for simple POP work. It should be made clear to the work gang that they would clean all the flooring of POP deposits as lots of POP mixture gets deposited on the floor during the finishing of a room. It is better to give a contract on per sq ft rate .

Coordination with other gangs: Whenever POP false ceiling is to be provided in a room, POP work gang has to work in close coordination with electrical work gang that has to run flexible conduits and wires in the GI channel network created by the POP work gang. When the channels are fixed by the POP gang, they should inform the electrical work gang to do their work. Fixing of wire mesh and application of POP should be done only after completion of electrical work. In addition to laying of conduits and wires, the electrical gang should fix the fan rods and clamps for the ceiling fans. In case a chandelier is to be hung, the electrical gang should hang the necessary chain and hook for the same as it is not possible to do this work after the fixing of wire mesh and application of POP.

Adhesion to the ceiling: Preference should always be given to either make the ceiling rough by using a grinder before the application of POP on it. Otherwise, wire mesh should be fixed, covering the full length and breadth of each room by drilling nails in the underside of ceiling. This will ensure full adhesion of POP to the ceiling ensuring that it would never come off.

Quality: Though POP is brought by the POP work gang, the house owner should keep a check on its quality. It is also called Gypsum building plaster. It is supplied in bags of 5 kg, 15 kg and 25 kg. The POP contractor has to watch for two of its properties for his benefit. One is that it sets slowly so that he gets more time in using a prepared mixture. Second is that it has less consumption per sq ft. For the house owner, fineness of POP matters more than its whiteness. Mostly, POP work is later painted with a suitable paint. In case, no paint is to be applied on it, then whiteness of POP should also be checked. Fineness of POP helps in producing more accurate lines and beautiful designs. POP should conform to IS 2547 Part I. Many reputed brands are now available at competitive rates. On drying, no shrinkage in POP should take place and no hairline cracks should appear in it.
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Bask in outdoor chic


If you are fortunate enough to have a green or open garden area or a park-facing balcony or a hill view lounge then it is important that you take the time out to enjoy it while unwinding in the morning and day time with best of the outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture has come a long way from the plain cane and wicker or foldable assorted pieces and technical advancements and fine craftsmanship have lead to sturdy all-weather options that are low on maintenance and high on style.

Homeowners now look for exclusive outdoor lifestyle concepts that compliment their interiors especially when it comes to the winter season in India. Be it a family gathering in house, friends' barbeque outdoors, a romantic dinner by the pool side, tea time on the balcony or a roof-top dinner under the star-lit sky, outdoor furniture is a key element to make a style statement.

Key features

Comfort and functionality are the two key elements of any well-made all-weather outdoor furniture set up. So while choosing the right set of outdoor or garden seating, one should always purchase a perfect range to gel with the existing backyard and make it more appealing. Also style and design is just as important as the design of the rest of the house. Manufacturers are coming out with bold and radical new designs and manufacturing materials. Outdoor furniture is no longer limited to materials and finishes that are bleak in design and abundant on maintenance. Science and new production technology are coming up with new materials and finishes that require less or no care at all and still retain their freshness and are fit for all weather.

What’s new

Furniture in natural textures and natural looking elements as opposed to fragile and artificial enhancers is the upcoming trend with a lot of options available in teak and wicker.

However, natural cane has always been a favorite for outdoor sitting but in winters, rain and extreme summer it hardly retains its original colour, shade and look. R S Rai, COO, Addela Homes that deals in large number of outdoor furniture for their residential and commercial projects in NCR, says, “Apart from natural, nowadays there are a lot of options available in chrome finishes and they are becoming a big hit for the season also”.

Depending on the higher functionality for indoor and outdoor both, customers prefer the latest wicker furniture made of high density polymer fiber (a synthetic material) that ensures protection from UV rays, dust and and mildew soiling. Completely hand-woven range supported by steel or aluminum frames for high durability is another favourite with buyers.

A wide spectrum

The polymer fiber pieces come in a wide variety of colours and designs. Moreover one can also go for Caneline, Whether Dendon, Wave Craft and Vetra brands for outdoor furniture and its range starts from Rs 12,000 and goes higher depending on choice, space and material used in manufacturing.

All-weather outdoor furniture includes an extensive range of hand-woven wicker, comprising dining, sitting, living, sun-loungers, deck-chairs, even gazebos and cabanas. The seating option could be 2, 3, 3+1, 3+2 with centre table.

Indian craftsmanship and fine work of hand-woven elements have gained a lot of popularity around the world.

— With inputs from Rahul Jindal, MD, Loom Crafts Furniture India Pvt. Ltd.

Maintenance of outdoor furniture

• Invest in covers and keeping your stylish pieces covered when not in use will increase their life span considerably. Covers keep the dust out and can be removed easily when required.

• If you have space then it is better to store your outdoor furniture, especially wicker and wood ones, to save it from the vagaries of weather

• Remeber that it is not just water that will damage your outdoor furniture, heat also is a major damaging factor as it makes the pieces dry and brittle. So keep your patio pieces in shade in harsh summer months.

• If you have wicker pieces then varnish these properly and get a recoat frequently to keep it looking like new.

The evergreen appeal of wicker

• High on comfort

• It is lightweight and sturdy

• Cheaper than metal or wood
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