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Question Query over right to terrace viz a viz newly approved floors

I am the owner of a ground floor and basement in south delhi in a plot measuring 200 square yards roughly,
in a regularized colony. The first floor ownership is with a different family and they have also had roof rights along with it.
Until about an year and a half back construction was only aloud uptil 1st floor and you could just make a maintenance room and a servant quarter on the terrace as i understand.
However there has been fresh development as everybody knows and now construction of 2nd and 3rd floor is aloud in delhi.
Does that mean that a person with roof rights automatically becomes the owner of 2 more floors that he can construct now on top; thus automatically inhereting a Rs.3 crore bounty (assuming value of 1 floor 1.5 cr) minus the construction cost.
I understand that the guy on the first floor has 'ROOF RIGHTS'. But what exactly does roof rights imply. Does it imply that any subsequent floors as and when cleared by the athorities to be built on top, will all belong to the person having roof rights??
Or is the implication of roof rights merely to the extent that the person can enjoy his terrace and use it as he likes with permissible one room construction but subseqyently if 'n' number of floors are passed by the authorities then some benefit has to pass on to the guy on the ground floor.
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