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gharondabhai January 16 2014 07:31 PM

Highland Greens, Hiland Group, Maheshtala, Kolkata

A very happy and prosperous new year to all our friend. Lately not really active in IREF as fully merged in studies!!

Heard about this new project from Kolkata, promoted by Dada! (Saurav Ganguly)

Highland Greens misspelled as Hiland Greens

It appeared in today's Ananda Bazar, the very first page. Unfortunately (ofcourse not surprising) the website link mentioned in the ad was WRONG!! Google search does not offer any credible information. In fact, not sure about the project name too. Anyone have access to Ananda Bazar (and can read Bengali) may share the details.

Seems the project is part of Riverside project.

Any one got info to share?

Thank you guys

P.S: Why didn't they use the correct word Highland Greens, rather than 'Hiland Greens'. ;)

sumanb January 16 2014 10:43 PM

Navigate to Hiland Group website and from there you can visit the Hiland Greens site. All the information is available on the website along with the price information. Yes, its partof the Calcutta Riverside project. The price is very competitive .... and its a huge project with more than 3000 units.

gharondabhai January 17 2014 01:45 AM

Thanks Suman.

Here is the project, my apologies for the spelling of hi, not high!

The website is Home | Hiland Greens (in case iref deletes link then try this hilandgreens com)

It seems that builders liked the SP approach of selling forms and making money!! Terms and condition is here

Roughly 50% is paid within 45 days and rest at CLP. Roughly around 2500 psft rate, whereas princep is readily available at around 2800 psft rate and no lottery.

Ofcourse, given that the project will minimally take 10 years to be livable. The much talked about flyover is questionable.

So what do you suggest?

Deb, Joydeep, Abhi, Khan and other respected members please share your personal views.

Thank you

PS: We are not experts, we are sharing our personal views only. We are learning from each other. Be mindful that your investment decision is purely yours!!

vpvpvp312 January 17 2014 01:03 PM

What are the group members Idea ......15-17 lacs is what ! just buy 2 & keep it like this for next 10 yrs ,worst case with population of city increasing demand will be there & getting 10% returns is minimum. I remember when in 1996-97 bengal ambuja came up with udayan i think 3or 3.5 lacs and it was ready by 1998 . today it is 35 lacs in 15yrs .

sandipRC January 17 2014 06:10 PM

7.7 KM Flyover for Calcutta Riverside near Bata

Kolkata Roads & Flyovers - Page 145 - SkyscraperCity

AbhiCCU January 17 2014 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by gharondabhai (Post 1066800)
Ofcourse, given that the project will minimally take 10 years to be livable. The much talked about flyover is questionable.

So what do you suggest?

Atleast 10 years to be livable.. BUT question is how much would the demand be there from the service / business community..Most offices are located in Kolkata ( Park street, dalhousie, esplanade areas).. any new office is coming in New Kolkata / Sector V vicinity...So middle level service class majority would not like to stay there..
Similar case for business community in India.. heck, if I hv a 10 year time frame and have some investible surplus, I would buy 1 apartment Newtown even around 5k psf instead of 2 in this far flung area..
my two cents..

sumanb January 17 2014 11:37 PM

I think its a pretty good deal, where would you ge a 2 BHK flat with car park in a highrise attached with club, next to Ganges and very near to Big Bazar within 20 L? Definitely, SP is a better deal but they have income restriction. For salaried class this is a good deal. Its also a good option for end users with a budget of 20 L.

I think this configuration is much sensible than Princep etc, where you have to shell out 50 - 60 L minimum and there are few takers.

joydeepr1 January 19 2014 08:56 PM

To me, the promoters have read the pulse of the market well and have offered appealing ticket sizes. They probably know their weaknesses and hence offered a very good deal on the platter. As I can see their far-reaching marketing display, the last week was all about Highland Greens.

For a property investment, it is all about core values of location, connectivity and Infrastructure. That's why, a multi bagger like Udayan had all the core values of a RIGHT property investment by virtue of being bang on Bypass. Can we hold the same confidence for Riverside, Eden City Mahestala, or this Highland greens - I guess not... Bypass gives you direct connectivity to major job locations within the city and hence the rise. If I am 'high risk high gain' player in RE market, I will look out for suburbs, but only the ones that will have these core values in place in foreseeable future (10-15 years) as can be validated by plans setup by PWD and other Govt agencies...

Debeswar January 19 2014 09:38 PM

Maheshtala is closer to Kolkata city center than Joka etc. The biggest problem so far has been road condition and the somewhat industrial nature of the area. If the flyover is built, in my opinion the prices should go up significantly. For middle income group families the price is attractive and if road conditions improve, the demand should go up and hence the prices should go up to.

Juju Agent January 20 2014 04:01 PM

Guys, What about the Dada Factor?......It seems that the developers had played their cards right with Dada's academy within the that an USP as they claim in their ads.....?

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