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Future of Dwarkadhis Projects Dharuhera
March 19 2012 , 07:55 PM   #11
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Bhiwadi-Dharuhera road should be ready within next 6 months or so and after that connectivity for both, Bhiwadi and dharuhera sectors to NH-8 will improve a lot. This could also give a boost to the area RE prices, but lets see about that. This area prices are in the range of Rs 1800-2000/sq.ft and anything more than that is paying too much...
October 29 2012 , 09:59 AM   #12
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Flat owner's plea on abuse of builder's 'dominant' position dismissed

GURGAON: Competition Commission of India (CCI) has dismissed the flat owner's petition alleging abuse of dominant position by private builder, Dwarkadhis Projects, on the account that the builder is not a dominant player in the market.

The petitioner, A K Jain, had moved to CCI against the builder alleging abuse of dominant position in contravention of Section 4 of the act. The petitioner had claimed that he had purchased a flat in the group housing project, "Aravali Heights at Sector-24, Dharuhera in Rewari. The petitioner had alleged that five years have passed and 95% of the price has been collected from the flat owners. The builder had not secured the mandatory occupation/completion certificate from the director general, Town and Country Planning, Haryana.

The petitioner sent final demand notice seeking payment of Rs 3,29,012 as charges for conducting improvement work before handing over the possession. The builder also forwarded 'buyer's agreement' in which the petitioner alleged contain several unfair, objectionable and one-sided terms, for the signature of the petitioner. In the CCI, the petitioner requested that the buyer's agreement and the charges demanded by the builder should be declared illegal and penalizing it for the delay in handing over the possession of the flat.

During the hearing, the CCI held that in order to attract provisions of the section 4 of the Act, the dominant position of the enterprise needs to be examined. The CCI held that even though the builder alleged to be a leading real estate developer in the relevant market, there is no material on record to hold it a dominant enterprise in the relevant market. The CCI also held that petitioner has not given any specific data to support his contention that the builder is a dominant player in the market. In the order the CCI noted that as such, the dominance of the builder in the relevant market is prima facie not established and so there is no question of abuse of the same. The commission finds that no prima facie case was made out for directing the director general to carry out investigation into the matter under Section 26(1) of the Act.

Flat owner's plea on abuse of builder's 'dominant' position dismissed - The Times of India
June 4 2013 , 10:06 AM   #13
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The also demanded more money as they have increased a little space in flats. This is just a cheat from buyers to earn more and more money. Possession is already too late and it seems in near future also they are not going to give the possession.
June 9 2013 , 07:20 PM   #14
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Hi All,
The pathetic status of Aravali Heights, a residential apartment’s project in Dharuhera, and the callous attitude of its management, should be brought to light.
The builder has been cooking stories about handover and possession ever since. First, it was told that the units will be delivered by March 2012, then in June 2012, and the dates kept changing time and again. This is the status when already, the project was delayed as it was launched in 2007, so five years in the making already.
In the meantime, demand notes were issued to customers from the builder in April 2012 that they need to pay the next installment so that the unit can be finished with fittings etc. and ready for possession. There were gladly paid by many customers in all their naivety!
Now, in June 2013, the units still have to undergo fittings and finishing, and the builder has stated that the unit will only be finished when the customers gets the registration done. This is the last nail in the coffin. This statement of their has proven that the customer is nothing but a pawn and can be taken for a ride anytime, and basically has no brains. The infrastructure and amenities are nowhere done, and the builder by way of this totally unethical demand of registration first and then completion, wants to get rid of the customer and its responsibility of being answerable to the customer for any shortcomings, both, in the unit as well in the common areas. This is just insulting to the customer.
Further, it has the audacity to launch another project just on the side of this existing one, without completing the existing one.
No further suggestions or advice are needed on whether you should even consider this nefarious organization with your money as it is pretty evident and needless to say after the above narration, that the builder doesn't care about timelines, and doesn't care about rules, and the biggest of all, doesn't care about you as a customer and has indeed made true the age old dictum in India- caveat emptor (‘buyer beware’).
Only one thing is requested from whoever is reading this message, please spread the word through online, offline, print, consumer forum mediums etc.and make the consumers aware about the ghastly attitude of the builder and the trap that this builder has gotten its existing customers into.
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June 17 2013 , 11:22 PM   #15
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Dear Rahulrajg,

I am inclined to agree with you on the builder specially his high handed attitude! He is not ready to pay the penalty for late delivery of the project, I am prepared to take them to court I just need a little support from all effected people. Please join in to make him pay!!
June 29 2013 , 06:07 PM   #16
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Heard aravali heights started giving possessions. is it true?
If yes, Any appreciation on resale price? last time dealers were quoting 2150-2200.
August 5 2013 , 12:37 PM   #17
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Aravali Heights - disappointed

We have just done the registry of our 2BHK flat in Aravali Heights, Dharuhera ; We were promised that the flat would be readied and handed over to us within 10 days. Since the project's been 3 years late, we were not surprised that it took them a month to get it ready.
We finally went yesterday after a whole month of registry,to inspect the flat before taking possession.
"Disapppointed" would be a very mild word, for what we saw there.
The walls have been coated with distemper ( They say 3 coats), but since no base layer of putty/POP was done, the walls still look patchy & rough, as like DDA flats. Certainly not what we expected in a society flat.
The wash-basins are basic Ceramic, when the sample flat showed that we would get a glass-bowl type basin in one bathroom.
Worst -- Points for the A/c in the 2 bedrooms & D/d have NO WIRING -- we are supposed to get the wiring done ourselves....??? from the points to the main board near the entrance.
This is technically done when the pipes for the electricals have been laid, before the final finishing of the walls/roof is done.... so we have to pay extra for the wires as well as the electrician for inserting the wires --- atleast Rs.5-6000/- (when we have already paid about Rs.1.5 lacs for all electricity related charges.)
Our arguments have been in-vain, they are adamant that this is the way they are giving the flats to all.Take it or leave it.
Conclusion -- These builders do not care for the client, basic mentality is "take what we give", else go bang your head on the wall. Pls DO NOT BUY HERE IF YOU WANT VALUE FOR MONEY, THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS.
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August 8 2013 , 02:41 PM   #18

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Dwarkadhis Aravali Height Status

How many members have got their flats registered?

What about monthly maintenance charges?

It seem they have commissioned few B type towers. What about other towers like A1 & A2 ?

Are electricity, water & sewer connections in place ?

Please inform, if any of the member have any information.
August 13 2013 , 12:47 PM   #19
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Is it worth taking possession??
What's the resale price going on in B towers?
August 14 2013 , 01:40 PM   #20
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agarwalanit's Avatar
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Possession still not possible, as flat still not ready, even after 1 1/2 months of registry.
The Site manager Mr.Mohit had promised all pending work would be completed, but flat not touched at all.
He doesn't ever answer the phone -- Shows utter disregard for clients & shitty work ethics.Reflects on company work ethics.
The issue about proper finishing of walls/ceilings still pending, dunno if we'll really get a proper finished flat or not.
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