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Development Companies coming at Noida E-Way , Greater Noida & YEW
January 18 2011 , 03:26 PM   #21

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Originally Posted by gharondabhai
2. Infosys near Today's Ridge
Are you sure - because I've heard in media that Infosys doesn't plan to have a development centre in NCR
January 18 2011 , 03:32 PM   #22
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Originally Posted by sonirohit
Are you sure - because I've heard in media that Infosys doesn't plan to have a development centre in NCR
Another "Ghode pe sawar" Gen Z.

Will you bother to read the thread completely?
January 18 2011 , 09:44 PM   #23
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Can you guys also share the approx number of employees (at these centers only) too for each company here ?

January 19 2011 , 06:58 AM   #24
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Originally Posted by sequence
Can you guys also share the approx number of employees (at these centers only) too for each company here ?

Quite tough request!! always see IT people having chai (tea) with shutta (cigarette) outside their office most of the time!!
January 19 2011 , 07:33 AM   #25
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Excellent thread guys..
I would say create a thread named "Brand NOIDA" and write in detail about potential of NOIDA and it's existing and upcomming infra and job scope.
Profiles of people who bought flat in NOIDA...

It's all silly fight that Sec 7x will grow or Noida expressway will grow or Noida extension will grow... Baseline is if NOIDA moves up all will move.. so SEZ comming up on E-way it will have impact on overall NOIDA...

Create a thread and write only positive thing about NOIDA coupled with actual photos so a NRI search about NCR can find it and get interested here rather than investing in Gurgaon...

Overall a thread which should market NOIDA as One against Gurgaon not like fighting between E-way,7x..

On Google you type anything related to real estate IREF comes on first page and people click it. If we write in detail it will must have posotive impact on buyers.

Also avoid using quoting same post, due to repetation of same content IREF will loose it's search ranking in google and will not come on first page.

Also if you are writing something good and what it to come first page of google, give proper subject line like "NOIDA Real estate" etc.. "Pari Chowk apartments".

Let's stop fighting and create Brand NOIDA.
January 19 2011 , 09:25 AM   #26

zohaib2012's Avatar
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Now as most of the Flaws of major projects......pros and cons of many sectors, regions have been debated.....its time to Highlight the Major Upcoming Highlights of Noida-Gnoida Region.

I fully agree with mr.chandra

Its Time to Highlight the Major Developments of the REGION.

Its a fact ...a DLF cyber city has even helped a far off region like sohna gurgaon

A sector 18 in Noida has been a boon for people upto Sector 62, sector 93....

there are many myths about Noida as well..which should be handled
January 19 2011 , 10:30 AM   #27

saurabh_real's Avatar
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We are missing Genpact from the list. It has leased 500000 sq feet in Unitech Infospace sector 135 which means approx. 5000 people should work there.
Also, it will help if you create a Google spreadsheet and keep the information there.
January 19 2011 , 03:19 PM   #28

marketbuzz's Avatar
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Accenture is confirm.. i saw their Sign board on the front of the building...
January 29 2011 , 10:37 PM   #29
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DMICDC Summery of the Inception Report on DNGIR by M/s Halcrow & Synnovat

DELHI MUMBAI INDUSTRIAL CORRIDOR DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED SUMMARY This is a summary of the Inception Report for the Dadri-Noida- Ghaziabad Investment Region Study (DNGIR). The study comprises preparation of a Development Plan for the Region including Pre-feasibility Assessments of five selected projects and the master planning for a Greenfield integrated township, also Techno-economic Feasibility Studies for three Early Bird Projects, namely Greater Noida (Boraki) Railway Station, a Multi- Modal Logistics Hub and an International Airport at Greater Noida. The Inception Report, produced at the end of Week 2 of the study, summarises the key findings from the desk research and initial meetings with stakeholders, and recommends modifications to the study methodology, work plan and manning schedule to suit.

Pl.see below link for full report.
January 31 2011 , 03:45 PM   #30

cautious_guy's Avatar
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Originally Posted by gharondabhai
Purpose : There has been many debates about future potential of EW/GN/Taj. Lets see how many Soft ware Development Companies (SDC) are setting up their shops in and around this area.

Rationale : Hold on, before saying why only Soft ware Development Companies?

This forum and in that matter any forum is crowded with IT Junta, lets not argue on that. In this forum also, most of the viewers are seasonal and most of them are Developer (sr, jr, pm, I call them developer).

Now, IT means many things, but for simplicity, lets talk about Soft ware Development companies (SDC) only, probaly including BPOs and KPOs

With due respect, I know there are many passionate and knowledgeable people who are addicted to IREF. Many of them are investor too, I am talking about all the veterans here. Sorry sir, you are minority!!

Also due respect to all those cleaver and intelligent brokers/agent, who claim to be end user but... You still are minority

Beside that there are just few stray visitors to this forum from diverse fields. with due respect to all of them, I would say all these numbers are minority, compared to IT Junta in this forum. I am just talking about numbers, no mention to quality of interaction.

One of the key segment of buyers of RE is undoubtedly IT Junta. IT junta will definitely look for job options and hence we are talking about proximity to SDCs

So we are talking about Soft ware Development Companies, including BPOs and KPOs. Those who disagree on the rationale, keep quite and stay away, the purpose of this thread is to understand future development in one of the key driver field.

Lets talk only about those SDCs who had already started operation or committed or at advanced stage of committment. Lets not talk about so and so IT Park here and there... as long as no company moved there, they are just another building!!

My limited input

I am not from IT, neither I keep track of Soft ware Development companies so I can not add much info in this aspect.

1. Wipro at GN
2. Infosys near Today's Ridge (question mark!! information was provided by agent)
3. NIIT at Taj Express
----Thanks to Biswadeep ----
4. HCL Technologies Ltd - Sector 125 / HCL Technologies Ltd - Sector 126 (HCL Campus)
5. Dell / Perot Systems - Sector 125
6. Bristlecone India Ltd - Sector 126 (Logix Park)
7. Hewitt - Sector 126 (Logix Park)
8. NEC - Sector 127 (Logix Park)
9. Mentor Graphics - (Logix Park)
---- Thanks to Nishant ----
10. Accenture - Sector 135, Metlife SEZ
11. IBM - Sector 135, Metlife SEZ
12. TCS - Sector 135, Metlife SEZ
---- Thanks to Amit ----
13. GlobalLogic - Sector 144 - 3C Oxygen
14. Excel Tech - Sector 144 - 3C Oxygen
---- Thanks to Arora ----
15. Fiserv in Sec 125
---- Thanks to Deep ----
16. Adobe .. somewhere in EW I guess
---- Thanks to Alien ---- (inside NSEZ, on Dadri Road, near sec-82, approx 2 km from eway)
22. CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS (not into SD but highly ranked in employee satisfaction)
---- Thanks to GuessWho----
23. ACS (Windsor Park)
---- Thanks to Saurav ----
24. Genpact at Unitech Infospace sector 135

Please add your input to this list.

A 20+ list of good companies definitely prove potential from atleast one angle.

If you can, just add to the list, if you can not then please refrain from posting your logics/emotions. Purpose of this thread to show facts

We will talk about other angles later, if you wish you start the thread

Great initiative and a good post.

Is TechMahindra also present on E'way - I know they have office in Sector 62/63 but not sure about other places.

I also know Siemens have their India headquarter in Noida - but am not sure about location.

But to me regardless of wheter they are present in sector 62/63 or E'way - it is important to document their presence because as more and more companies come to Noida - demand for residential will increase and prices will only go north.

Someone who knows exact location of these two companies please add.
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