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Worst quality of living in NCR - which city?
August 30 2012 , 11:53 AM   #41
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Originally Posted by saurabh2011
BlessU Bhai Rightly written.... what I see at IREF public only want to judge any area as per rate appreciation nothing else, looks like IREF is investors forum not END USER forum........ IREF should be discussed more then just Rate Appreciation - Rate Appreciation - Rate Appreciation.

quality of life offered by Delhi doesn't justify the price it commands. period.
(i'm not talking about Snob value here, if its there )

As i pointed earlier the major roads of delhi are not very useful to delhi residents as much they are for the people of rest of the NCR. i beel bad for the people of delhi that traffic of entire NCR passes very close to their homes, in the colony lanes to avoid the redlights.

As for metro and bus services available in the name of infra then, gimme rest. After spending close to 2 carores i've to be content with over crowded metro and shabby buses and travel in them. Boss, i feel there is some serious disconnect between me and some members in the understanding of QoL

PS: i dont wish anything bad for delhi. But Delhi should be given some relief from the traffic of entice NCR.
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August 30 2012 , 12:41 PM   #42

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BlessU Bhai Jindabad,

Sahee Kaha .. I also feel

Whole India is nothing but a "Slum" (Delhi , Chennai , Mumbai Calcutta and most small towns)

1) If you are poor or Lower Middle Class - you are actually living inside a slum.

2) If you are upper middle class -> Slums is some 100 meters away from where you live.

3) If you are high class or so called 'who is who' / affluent -> you are few kilometers away from a slum.

Slum , Slum and Slum...

With more kids being born every minute , we will have more slums.

So just chill chill and chill.
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August 30 2012 , 01:09 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by Jai_Singh

quality of life offered by Delhi doesn't justify the price it commands.

The prices in Delhi are high because transaction volumes are very low. Most of the prime land in Delhi is in the hand of Govt. or govt. agencies. This is the only reason why Delhi is not as congested as Mumbai. When volumes are low prices can be artificially inflated.

Whereas in Noida, Gurgaon lot of flats are being sold by the Builders and hence prices are contained. But in future if the supply is exhausted then same trend will be seen in NCR also.
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