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Originally Posted by fritolay_ps View Post
New 4000-mile bus route will connect Birmingham to Kashmir

London, Sept 24 (ANI): Mirpur in Jammu and Kashmir will now be directly linked by road with the United Kingdom through a direct bus service, says a report.

A new 4,000-mile bus route connecting the city Birmingham, will pass through seven countries, including Iran, before finally reaching its destination, also known as 'Little Birmingham'.

Passengers embarking on the epic 12-day journey are likely to be charged 130 pounds for a ticket, the Daily Mirror reports.

The service is definitely a good news for the people of Birmingham, which is home to the world's largest population of Kashmiri expats.

According to the report, security concerns have, however, been raised about the route, which will stop over at Quetta, Pakistan.

Top Taliban commanders are said to be hiding in the volatile city, near the Afghan border. (ANI)

fritolay: Nice of you to bring this news to the attention. I had heard of something similar earlier as well and that too from Birmingham but it never takes of. Some ticketing agents announce this to enhance their profile. Well i hope it happens soon as it would be a great journey.

Anyways i am ready to hit the road covering 25 countries. With only 3 more days to go, i am edgy, nervous.....everything and also have my stomach full of butterflies.
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Icon15 Just a quick update

Guys i am finally in the dreamland China after having covered over 26 countries. The original plan was to travel 25 countries but now as and when i finish, i would have covered over 29 countries in as many days. I will be entering Wagha border on 26th Oct at 3 p.m.
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