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Nosy ladies and flat
September 12 2012 , 02:53 PM   #11
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open mind.. say.. kay aunti G.. commission chahihe kya... the movement you become shameless....all will run
September 13 2012 , 08:26 AM   #12

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Originally Posted by SaandBull
next time, she comes and stands on your door, use the following sentences:

1. "Jalne kee boo aa rahi hai, aunty kuch gas pe rakha to nahi chorh diya aapne?"
2. "Society people are distributing free coupons for raaashan, they will make a phone call on your intercom and distribute it, so aunty jaaao jaldeee"
3. "Aunty please chai bana do mehmaan aaye hain mera ghar dekhne"
4. "Ek billi ghus gayi hai is building me, agar kiwaad khule chorh do to bed pe so jaati hai, mueee kisi ke bhi ghar me ghus jaati hai, aunty andar se band karlo darwaaaza"

Try it, though i repeat that the ladies keeda can neither be created nor destroyed, it just keeps changing its form!
ha ha ha number THREE will be perfect, until she makes tea I can show and get out. But abhi, nahi aayegi. They tried coming near me again when I went with party, I said IS THERE A FU**ING MEETING GOING ON and continued with maaa bhen ki galiya. They all went back to their cages and watched the show from windows. Shameless
September 14 2012 , 05:06 PM   #13

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Start scratching your groin and other stuff like thats the best thing you could do,with occasional glances to the onlookers...I bet you will see results immediately.

P.S-Please use your discretion as to what kind of party you have brought along

Great Demand and limited supply doesnt means that one will pay any price
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