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July 30 2009 , 06:26 AM   #1
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I will soon update in detail all the prospective buyers and owners of the issues with ParkStreet that I faced. (All evidences can be prodecued if reqd.)

Sales Department will promise lots of things and all those are only for marketing and has no relation with the Agreement that they make you sign.
And all those promises made by sales has no validity once you sign the agreement as mentioned in Agreement.
When you ask for all legal documents and question about the validity of what they promised you during booking, you will be suggested to discontinue your deal and your will be cut off inbetween conversation.

Very Small example of their blunders are -
1. Maintenance cost told by sales dept is Rs 2/psft and agreement asks for Rs2.5/psft and you are entitled to pay additional cost per month on behalf of un sold flats in the said scheme.

2. No mention of Other Charges you are paying in agreement. Parking / Club House etc. Promised Parking is covered, agreement says covered/uncovered and you have no rights to challenge the same even if you paid for it which has no mention in agreement.

3. They promise you possesion in 12 months, but as per agreement you will not get possesion until 24months from building Plinth checking certificate and date of which they never mention to you.

4. They will say 65% work is already completed, when asked for Architect Certificate, they will refuse and start saying its commencement and not completed.

5. Your payment schedule is not linked with actual work progress. Actual work progress will be only 25-30% and you will end up paying them more than 85% amount.

I know few people are really happy with their deal with ready possesion flats, but pls think of others who don't want to buy from left outs in the bucket and want to select flats of their choice from under construction buildings.

No offense with those owners, but everyone will not get the flats of their choice from ready possession.

Adjustment is the only solution?
NO, fight for what they promised you. We all need support from each other to get what you are paying for.

I will continue my deal with them only if I get Agreement updated as per the promises made by Sales Department.
If you still want to deal with them and give your hardearned money and still get a beggar like treatment then feel free to be a BEGGAR by paying them.

If I see any positive steps taken by them to correct these bulnders from their side then I will update you to help you make your decision.
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