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Member/s Feedback on Moderators
June 29 2012 , 11:22 PM   #81

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Please see our response in BLUE

Originally Posted by fatichar

Originally Posted by IGRM
We are a privately owned forum with no interest other than to provide a platform for people to discuss real estate. We make operation decisions that never please everyone and if anyone would like to leave or find another platform they are more than welcome.
Dear Owners, That's called an attitude, and you have every right to have it. It's your forum, run it the way you please BUT Please do not claim a moral high ground. Let me dissect your terms of use, which are used to do so:

Our response is in regard to this post

Originally Posted by rainbow_lad
Get the reality guys....Admin is hand in glove with Zohaib....I think IREF is nothing but a tool for speculation....issse logo ka fayda kam par nuksaan jyada ho raha hai...I think IREF should learn from teambhp on how to maintain a good forum...I think it is time we have another forum which does not get hijacked by vested interest...
Even we get overwhelmed sometimes with the pressure and the planning of IREF, and despite our honest endeavors and conscientiousness some members get very vocal and insensitive about their dissatisfaction. The above mentioned comment is not a boaster but a simple assertion that we do not want to manipulate our members into staying with us by making any quick fix changes to steer them back.

English Only: IndianRealEstateForum (IREF) is an English-only forum. All content posted in publicly viewable areas of the forum must be written in English. A few members are using “Hindi’ and ‘Hinglish’ on our forums, (for posting news) and some discussions. Please limit their use as we would like to maintain a consistent language across our board.
consistent use of Hindi and Hinglish goes unnoticed.

This is an English only forum and some of the posts do contain Hindi words and other local reverberations. However, we do send constant reminders to members and request them to limit their use of ‘HINDI OR ANY OTHER LOCAL PARLANCE’ for the posts to be graspable by all and also for the purpose of standardization.

Search Before Posting: If you have a question, please use the forum search function before posting to make sure that it hasn't been answered before. There is a big chance it has, not only does searching help to keep the forum free of multiple/duplicate threads it will also help you to get an answer much quicker.
I personally highlighted this issue several times. Never saw a thread being removed for being repetitive. There exist project for which more than a dozen threads exist, no action whatsoever. Not even a warning.

Moderators have excluded numerous multiple threads and they do that persistently. Moreover, the forum has an internal system where multiple threads reported by moderators/members are taken care of. We have an Infraction/Warning System which is efficiently used by moderators. Warnings are issued via PMB (private message boards) and not publicly on the forum.

IREF was put together for people to come together and help each other, collaborate and discuss in a positive way – not bash on someone because you don't like their idea, or because they don't share the same views as you.
Highly partisan approach till date. Several members have been banned for life at first mistake - zero tolerance for them. And a repeat offender like Zohaib, whose no post goes without bashing others, enjoying a free run.

This forum has evolved adeptly over a period of time and that has only been possible because of a collaborative effort and a common vision that we share with our members. A subjective approach or egotism would jeopardize the integrity of our forum.

No one gets an instant ban in their first (and non-malicious) mistake unless they are posting SPAM or engage in direct buying/selling right from their first post. Everyone gets warnings (through PMB) and ultimately a ban if a member does not adhere to the warnings. Let me reiterate that the recurrent ‘warnings’ or ‘the banning stance’ are based on the genuine recommendations of members.

We are big into the free speech idea here. So you're free to say what you think – but do it in a constructive and positive way. We encourage mature debates – discourage childish arguments. Personal attacks, insults, rudeness, racism, threats, name calling or unnecessarily inflammatory posts will NOT be tolerated. Common courtesy, politeness and respect for fellow members, along with constructive posting of opinions are essential in preventing posts from being edited and/or deleted, or having threads locked. Whilst we encourage healthy disagreement/debate, please maintain respect towards fellow members at all times.
No thread started by Zohaib gets locked, even if it violates EACH of the above criteria.

To uphold the objectivity of the forum and in keeping with the guidelines that have to be followed by all, even long standing members like Zohaib have been suspended/banned on many occasions. His account was restored only after continual requests from a majority of members. Such recalled members need constant moderation and that essentially increase the work load of the moderators who till date continue to edit/remove his posts.

Personal Information: Do not post personal information, such as full names, email addresses, numbers, or home/business addresses on the forum. If you feel the need to disclose this information, do it in a private message. Posts containing personal information will be deleted. Revealing real world information about a member, administrator or moderator is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, regardless of the source, public or private. This includes any information about a forum member that reveals an individual's legal name, address, occupation or other sensitive or personally identifiable information.
Openly members share there phone numbers, brokers numbers. Full names are used in several IDs!

We persistently remove personal information that has some ulterior motives other than honest discussions and submissions. But please understand our limitations as well because so far as the usernames are concerned, we cannot construe if the username being used by a member is his/legal name or an imaginary one.

Private Communication: Posting the content from a private communication in a publicly viewable area of IREF is NOT permitted. Private communications include any medium where the involved parties have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as: emails, chat logs, instant messenger logs, private messages, private social group posts, reputation comments, etc. Such private communications are to remain private, not shared with third parties. Any such private communication content posted will be removed.
Several times email communication with the builder/broker is posted.

Information is posted in real time on IREF. We have no 24x7 system to monitor each and every word on the forum. But as soon as such violations are spotted or reported, we promptly eliminate such forum mishandlings.

Shouting, Caps Lock, Overuse of Bold and Coloured Text: You may NOT shout (all capital letters, and/or excessive punctuation) in posts or thread titles. Use caps and punctuation only for minimal emphasis. We discourage unnecessary use of caps lock writing, overuse of bold and coloured text and keeping the post clean and simple.
Again, each and every post of Zohaib shatters these rules. So what!

Zohaib has faced multiple suspensions due to the above.

Illegal Content - Any discussion of, or links to web sites promoting piracy, warez, illegal downloads, cracks, cd keys, illegal file-sharing, ography, illegal drugs, or any other illegal or similar content WILL BE DELETED without notice. Such discussions and links are totally inappropriate on IndianRealEstateForum (IREF)
ographic jokes are openly shared, liked and thanked by the admins also!

Admins have certainly never commented nor encourage any such posts or jokes. There may be some good-humoured adult jokes on the forum (as we believe that mature 18 yrs. + demographic population has interest in real estate discussion boards and forums), but we DO NOT permit ography jokes and material on our forum.

Administrator/Moderator Criticism: Criticism of IREF rules, or Forum Staff implementation of these forum rules is NOT permitted in any publicly viewable area of the forum. Such content WILL BE DELETED without notice. Be respectful of Admins and Moderators even if you disagree with particular decisions. Their time is dedicated voluntarily to keeping IREF Forum a happy place. If you disagree with how the forum is being moderated or administered, please contact the admin on admin(at)
Yes, this is one rule which has been followed religiously. Even Sir Zohaib was banned for this. Kudos?

Thank you and we really hope that in time you will have the same appreciation for all the other dynamics that safeguard the reliability of IREF.

2. MEMBERSHIP AND MEMBER ACCOUNTS: Banned Members: Permanently or temporarily banned members may NOT create new accounts in order to circumvent or dispute their ban. Such accounts will also be banned. Temporarily Banned members found creating duplicate accounts will find their ban extended significantly (or permanently), and may risk having their IP address blocked. If you wish to contact the forum staff to discuss a ban, please contact us.
Unless you are zohaib, that is! If you are, your multiple IDs would be merged in to one, and you would be given an immunity.

‘Merge Users’ is a feature provided by Vbulletin. We have combined identities for relatively few members and we strongly discourage them from using multiple IDs. Despite our strict forewarnings, some members somehow manage to change their identities to redefine the on-going discussion for some underhanded reasons. But thanks to the watchfulness of the admins and Moderators, we have largely succeeded in detecting such transgressions. In your aforementioned statement, you have yourself complimented us on reproving Zohaib for his non-compliance.

Also, we try to give established members more of a chance to change than a new member with no history; this is arguably owed to them. Though, we are aware of the problem and look to address it. Trouble members should be dealt with, not given chance after chance after chance.

3. DISCUSSION AND POSTING: Off Topic: Please make every effort to keep your posts relevant to the active thread topic. Detours usually take a thread wildly off topic, and invite others to do the same. Off topic posts (and any responses to such posts) may be deleted without notice.
Again, very biased approach, till date.

IREF strongly endorses relevant, constructive and civil discussions to all its members and users. We have encrypted additional features in the forum to ward off any personal biases or motives whether from our end or that of the users.

Thread Location: Please make an effort to post new threads in the appropriate forum or subforum. Posting threads in the proper section makes the forum easier to browse for all members and visitors, and reduces the workload for our volunteer moderators and administrators. If you are unsure where to post a new thread, please take the time to read the forum descriptions in order to familiarize yourself with the focus of the various available forums and subforums. Threads posted in an inappropriate forum will be moved/removed without notice.
Noida section has become a khichadi of Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, UP Politics, and yes, Noida itself!

As you can see yourself, the criticism pertaining to Zohaib’s posts is quite recent but we have duly registered the protests. It has been very disheartening that instead of helping us address the issue at hand, some members chose to bash IREF.

It is our sincere request to all the members to register a formal complaint so that we can resolve the matter effectually and do a timely damage control. Please equip us so that we can fend off any sabotage or personal vendettas.
The decisions of the Forum Administrators/Moderators are final.
Yes, we bow our heads!

The main objective of starting IREF was to develop a highly effectual discussion board for Indian real estate matters. We have done a very exhaustive research to strategically plan, implement and reinforce an appropriate forum management. The Forum Administrators and Moderators have been assigned with effective decision making controls so that all of us stay positioned on our respective tasks and also to keep the chaos down.

We hope that we have satisfactorily addressed all your doubts and questions about the forum management and policies.

Best wishes,
Read FORUM RULES watch a VIDEO or SEARCH FAQs before posting!
June 30 2012 , 01:17 AM   #82
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Though the issue I hope has been finally and satisfactorily addressed, I did want to point out that I had in recent weeks reported Zohaib2012's posts twice for profane language so it is incorrect to state that no posts were reported. To some of the other members who feel all is ok with these posts - all is well as long as we maintain decorum with language and there should be zero tolerance for profanity, rudeness and insults - I guess we're all on board with that.
June 30 2012 , 06:50 AM   #83
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My Dear Fatichar,
This is in response to a comment in post No.67.,that ographic jokes are being posted at IREF.
I hope,we all members at IREF are above 18 and I am astonished by this childish comment by a member. I do not know this term ographic jokes.If any one is offended by these jokes he may just ignore or report these to IREF admin.,who may at their discretion delete the so called offensive content.
Dil Jawan Hai To Jahan Hai
September 19 2012 , 01:16 AM   #84
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Curious Case of one Aranya lover..

dear IGRM
one small query .. although i know most probably this post would be deleted shortly !

how come one of the members here is being allowed to openly market aranya projects and still not being stopped by any admin?

also i noticed that one IREF member even gave evidence that the aranya promoter was actually into real estate broking and had business interests in the project... the result of this was that immediately one of your senior mods deleted all the relevant posts of that person in a hurry and also banned him even though the person had not used any abusive language

note - i know most likely you would delete my post very soon and maybe even ban me.. but kindly at least have the decency to give me a reason before deleting my current post
September 19 2012 , 03:29 AM   #85

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Originally Posted by kosmosfan
dear IGRM
one small query .. although i know most probably this post would be deleted shortly !

how come one of the members here is being allowed to openly market aranya projects and still not being stopped by any admin?

also i noticed that one IREF member even gave evidence that the aranya promoter was actually into real estate broking and had business interests in the project... the result of this was that immediately one of your senior mods deleted all the relevant posts of that person in a hurry and also banned him even though the person had not used any abusive language

note - i know most likely you would delete my post very soon and maybe even ban me.. but kindly at least have the decency to give me a reason before deleting my current post
Why would we delete and ban you for asking this?

If there is a user who needs attention and we are not seeing it, the best course of action would be to report one of their offending posts and explain. If a moderator is acting out of line, please PM an Admin with links and examples, and we'll look into it.

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