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RE Brand Ambassador's at IREF
October 7 2012 , 02:55 PM   #21

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Mein bhi brand ambassador

Originally Posted by LChand
At IREF, Brand Ambassador's of various properties in Noida

- JayPee : Venkytalks, Zohaib,Sequence,dineshsays,akash.g
- L300 : Prakash jee,Sequence
- LB/LP/LZ : Almost all RE brokers & bank agents
- Prateek Stylome : KumargauravIIT
- SSH : Fatichar oorf Praveen bhai
- Unitech : SBajaj
- ATS : SBajaj
- Sector 50,62,82,83 : Fatichar oorf Praveen bhai
- Tajmahal (Agrawaala) : Zohaib
- Mathura/Meerut : Vakilbabu
- CR/Ghaziabad : Sourabh2011
- G.Noida, Haridwar : Gharondabhai
- Pari Chowk : Zohaib
- Gurgaon luxury projects : Cookie

This is for the new members who wish to enquire about various projects, these could be the direct source of reliable info.
Please add me to brand ambassador list to projects which are unique for following:

1. Launched by builders with French sounding names and are copy of their western counterparts say in french Rivera ... Tropez, Belvedere, Bellevue, azur, etc etc... but in the neighborhood your fellow road users would be asking directions to places like mamoora, sorkha, dallupura, khoda, mokhanpur, jhundpoora etc etc

2. Projects where builders suck all your money in high loadings, early CLP extortion plans, high interest penalties by losing your demand letters in mail, arm twisting buyers into accepting changed floor plans, where brochure are as good as jannat and final product like a bombed out street of Kandahar.

3. Locations where metro is going to arrive in Phase number starting with roman numeral X and not I. Locations where masterplan of next century has already been planned and promises to be such that it will be probable shooting pad of futuristic scifi movie. Where spaceport is just going to be announced by some behenji or kurtawalaji in a week to be built by Jaypee or RIL....

4. Projects which on launch date are already sold out last year and only thing available is on floor which would be constructed if extra FAR/FSI will be made available from compromisable officers in positions.

5. Projects where many would dream as way to upgrading their marooti swift into swanky SUV ... in realty a scorpio chap will end up having it converted into 7 series BMW ... because he had a good investor clinic.

6. I can go on and on but you know ... I am not as dedicated to cause as Annaji

October 7 2012 , 05:11 PM   #22

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Originally Posted by prakashjh24
Chand jee,, 2-2.5 saal rewind karo, when you were planning to make an investment in LB at 3000 rate, you were running around for 'free' consultation... .....yaad karo! tab LB high end tha..ab edifice and 300,

PS - i like this Arvind Kejriwal attitude!
Prakashjee I never went after brokers for their consultation...neither I took my decision reading IREF. Infact, I joined IREF after having made the decision..
October 8 2012 , 12:50 PM   #23
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It will be so nice to see

LChandbhai + Mallika promoting LB

Cookie + Dhoni playing gooli-danda on GN empty roads ... promoting healthy life style

SBajaj + Mallya discussing on top of Northern Eye ... sky is the limit!!

VKumar and party having Mujra at Meharauli to promote YEW. Dikhane aur khane ki daant alag!!

Gharondabhai sab beech bach ke Haridwar mein Sanyas le liye!!

Zohaib building another Taj on Agra ... caption is, "anything else will not do here!!"

Fritobhai .. enough idea for you to come up with great cartooms as always
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