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Default Ramanashree California Gardens

2 big massive plots available.

8000 sq.ft. plot: WEST FACING PLOT

2 plots in Ramanashree California Gardens, magnificent gated community full of 1000s of fully grown massive trees and big wide beautiful tarred roads inside layout with 24/7 security.

It is a 62 acre gated community with only massive big plots of the below kind - bang on the main road, facing elevated airport expressway on the Bellary Road, near Hebbal/Yelahanka/North Bangalore.

One is 100 x 80, can be split into 2 plots of 50 by 80. West Facing Plot.

100 is road facing, 80 is depth.

If split into 2 by the buyer for his friends/colleagues/cousins, kith or kin, it will become 50 x 80. Then, 50 will be road facing, 80 will be depth.


2nd one is 80 x 60 plot, can also be split into 2 plots of 40 by 60. East Facing Plot.

80 is road facing, 60 is depth.

If split into 2 by the buyer for his friends/colleagues/cousins, kith or kin, it will become 40 x 60. Then, 40 will be road facing, 60 will be depth.

1 or 2 persons can buy the above separately or 4 persons can jointly buy the above. They are on different roads in the same layout.

2 plot owners in the layout are already constructing apartments on their big plots now currently at this moment after winning a case against the Association and winning against their objections in the courts. However, u need to check on the authenticity of this info. But I have seen the apartments under construction myself.
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