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Default Cosmo City Phase 3, Provident Housing, OMR, Chennai


On last year, my friend booked apartment in Provident cosmo city phase1 , 984sq.ft,first floor, costs around 21L (including EB+car parking,registration)

I was interested to purchase a flat now, and enquired the price. Phase 3 is ongoing project. They quoted too high.

They quoted Rs 32L (1060 sq.ft, first floor). He was not ready to reduce the price. I am not sure whether I might have contacted some marketing guy. On last week, the same guy was quoted Rs 25L. I had a debate with him for such a huge hike in the price in a week. As usual, he is telling that Labour charge, construction cost increased , that's why they increased the price.

Can someone who knows the sq.ft rate in phase 3 , please share the details or refer the right channel to contact for booking /negotiation?

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