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Angry Ghaziabad builders - irregularities, false promises

Over the last few years we all are watching these builders and the kind of manmani they are doing. Some of them have gone up to the extent of giving tortures to indivisual, false promises, false hopes ...

I am here trying to jolt down all these points which we have noticed over the last few years (Without any specific names as all are same). Some of the pts

1. FAR calculation - I never understood this calculation, how come few socities luks open and some are so congested

2. Super Area calc - If you ask any builder to provide any calculation, i bet no one will give you. Why this is different for different buider

3. Prelaunch - This is the stage where most of us are cheated badly. They promise too many things at this stage and actual things are very different from this. In my view this should be stopped asap.

4. Papers - If you ask any builder to show the authority approved apapers, they wont show it. They wont show you approved plans, maps etc. Why this is not at their website

5. Increased FAR - How come once the society papers are approved, we see after 2 years if authority increase FAR then it is applicable to already built socities. We purchased on the initial plans , how come they increase this?

6. Ceiling height - Small issue but actually big. Why there is no std definition for this. Let me tell that builders make use of this

7. Open Area calc - I am sure no builder will show you this

8. Change in floor plans

9. My builder has taken me every single penny but there is not even a single brick laid for club. I cant complaint anywhere, these guys threatening me

10. Material used - Pathetic material used in 70% of the societies and most of us have to change everything. Whats the use of giving so much of money

11. Shops/Commercial - Why this should be allowed in societies, some of the builders have gone upto the extent where shops are just under the flats, we have already seen the case of Mahesh (In crossing, he fought for 4 years and Mahagun has given him every kind of torture) ..

12. PLC - Why there is no std rule of authority for PLC

13. Completion certificate - I bet no builder will show you this even if u take possesion...

Beside this i am sure i can jolt down 100 small issues ..

I would request all members to provide major issues by builders specially from senior members and after 1-2 weeks i will jolt collect all imporant pts and then we can discuss how we can fight against these builders.

I am sure each one us are affected by these builders in one way or other and everyone wants to take action against them...

Please come forward and join this thread

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Builders will continue to do do....
This tradition is not limited to NOIDA and Ghazibad only but everywhere.
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Cookiee bhai, i agree with you but atleast we can spread awareness, senior members like u advice us for what to do, can foot down at certain places against builders, can make a group and take action (shd learn something from farmers)..

Else we will be always on receiving end....
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