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Default Missing Swimming Pool in Central Park 2, what to do?

Hi All

In Phase 1 of Central Park two, there were supposed to be 2 swimming pools. The first one in front of towers 1 to 6 has been made but the builder has decided not to make the second one in front of towers 7 to 9. What can be done in such cases ?

Here are some facts :

a. The builder is charging Rs. 300 per Sq Ft as PLC for the apartments which were facing swimming pool and park, now when asked the builder says the PLC is only for park facing apartments. If you see the layout (attached), its very evident that towers 1 to 9 had swimming pool more than park in front of it.

b. Towers 1 to 6 are being handed over, towers 7 to 9 are about to be complete. The PLS is still being charged but the builder says they have cancelled the swimming pool at their own discretion. When further questioned, builder says some other facilities like Wi-Fi and solar geysers etc are being provided in Swimming pool

Residents don't want those extra facilities but want the Swimming pool. The builder refuses to understand this.

What are the available options for residents? Since possession is not complete, there is no RWA yet. Going to court means it will take some time before the case is resolved.

Are there any Association of flat owners who take up such cases with builders? Have there been cases where builders have promised things like swimming pools and not delivered?


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Ha ! We thought only Swimming pool is missing from the picture. It seems the clubhouse in front of towers 1 to 6 is also missing. The builder is aptly being taken to court, I'm sure there's no case here at all and the builder will be forced to pay compensation.
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