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Default Process of preparing GPA/SPA for Resale Transactions


I am going to India in a weeks time.

Could somebody tell me the process of preparing GPA/SPA for resale transactions.

What is required?
From where is it made?
How much time does it take?
Are there different formats for buying and/or Selling?
Is it valid for a specific period?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Best Regards

GPA - General Power of Attorney
SPA - Special Power of Attorney
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Amit Bhai,

It would be good to contact the concerned builder for that as he also have to accept it eventually in case of a re-sale. They have pretty much the set format with changes in few lines, so get that done but do not forget to register the GPA/SPA(only if you do not trust the person for other things). Contact the legal department for the builder and he should be willing to help. I think you can also get it done from your local consulate though.
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This is a duplicate thread & is being closed .

For further information & discussion on this topic/project, please visit:


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