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On tea time during a debate yesterday at office, most of my colleagues agreed that the timing to make public the DRAFT NATIONAL LAND ACQUISITION AND REHABILITATION & RESETTLEMENT BILL 2011, is purely politically motivated and is mainly aimed at jeopardizing the talks between Noida Authority and the farmers to come to an out of the court settlement before August 12th.

Prepared in the haste in record time like never before for a bill in the history of India (for obvious political reasons), this draft has been released by Jairam Ramesh at a time when NA and builders are working hard to settle with the farmers, knowing well that if they fail in their talks, the court's verdict may go against them (NA).

Farmers are now under impression that if they don't reach the agreement with Authority, and court passes the order in their favor (most likely), the next acquisition step by NA will fall only after the LAND ACQ. BILL 2011 becomes the law, and new acquisition would be under that law only.

The draft bill shows ridiculous favours to the farmers, and NA in its current negotiations cannot match at any cost the similar compensations to the farmers as shown in draft bill, and therefore, there are greater motivation and reasons for the farmers to fail the talk with NA and wait until the Bill becomes the Law. They (farmers) would be huge beneficiary if it happens.

The poor and ignorant farmers have no clue at all that this bill can never become the law in its entirity. This draft bill is just a bogus instrument to take the temporary political mileage out of the current situation in Noida and elsewhere in UP. During debate in public, it may be even years before it could be tabled in the parliament (just forget about what government promises, just see what it delivers).

There are going to be hundreds of objections, proposed amendments to the draft, and if the draft bill doesn't die before it reaches parliament, there are greater chances of the bill dying into the parliament itself.

There seems no chances at all that this (draft) bill (after amendments) will become a law during the remaining tenure of this government, but Congress seems to have got a weapon to earn political mileage against Mayawati at the cost of thousands of middle class workers dream homes and the poor farmers.

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Originally Posted by vkumar1 View Post

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This Congress Govt. beats all record of political chicanery.
They are willing to gain political at the costs of everyone.

They don't give a damn about the Home buyers or the Farmers.
With this move, they have ruined the lives of the Farmers and the home buyers at One go.

The Noida Extension will be a Huge Ghost town with Unfinished structures.
Neither the Home buyers nor the Farmers will gain anything out of this.
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may be but this may also open ways for whole country development as if this became law industry will eye some remote places and indusries will go there so will go builder wirj them which means there may be less pressure on big cities and india will see more and more developed places and also problem of illegal colonies will also go as now small time colonisers will not be able to take land from farmers at so cheap rates and if they do than rates in these colonies and approved one will not be much different so everyone will go for approved if used wisely this can solve a lot of problem in future...
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UPA trumps Maya, unveils draft Land Acquisition Bill

The UPA has come out with a draft Land Acquisition Bill that tries to seize the initiative from the Mayawati Government and give a better deal for the Farmers. It started with a protest in Bhatta-Parsaul and Mayawati announcing a compensation package to neutralise the advantage going to the Congress. Now rural development minister Jairam Ramesh has brought his draft Land Acquisition Bill that trumps Mayawati once again.

‪UPA trumps Maya, unveils draft Land Acquisition Bill‬‏ - YouTube
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ARRIVING AT A SETTLEMENT - Farmers happy with land acquisition bill

Farmers happy with land acquisition bill, want compensation as per the Centre's new policy

Farmers here have supported the central government's draft land acquisition bill and decided to demand compensation for their acquired land as per the new policy.
At a panchayat held in Patwari village, farmers were seen eyeing on higher compensation as per the draft national land acquisition policy. Greater Noida Authority chief executive officer Rama Raman is scheduled to visit Patwari on Sunday.
As per the draft policy, farmers should be given six times the current circle rate. Let the authority agree to it. We all will readily give our land to the authority,“ said Jitender Sharma, one of the farmers.
According to the Draft National Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation & Resettlement Bill, 2011, in rural areas the compensation amount would be not less that six times the original market value.
Meetings were also held at other villages including Dankore, Badalpur and Milk Lachhi. “As far as compensation is concerned, the draft policy is beneficial to farmers,“ said Roopesh Kumar, spokesperson of Bhoomi Adhigrahan Pratirodh Andolan Samiti.
“Now farmers will demand compensation as per the new draft policy. We are studying other sections of the bill. The authority will have to give compensation as per this draft policy to solve the Noida Extension impasse,“ said Virendra Dhada, former chairman, district panchayat.
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