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Can you please advice on the ATS One Hamlet Project? Does anybody know if there are any apartments of 2000 sq.ft presently available for allotment?

Appreciate an early response. Thanks.
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Default ATS One Hamlet

I have posted similar reply in another thread..
Its interesting to know why people make buying choices , pay hefty premiun when ample choice is available....
Few cons:
1. Small strip of internal road. Going inside yr apartment from main gate, and coming out from othergate ( its oneway) would take more than a 1KM drive.
2. There is no central green. Its virtually a small strip of green belt .Its even worst for 2900sqft apartments. U can cross the entire green area by polevault..
3. This plot is far from markets, shopping malls, and so called mandatory ECOSYTEM.
4. Metro will never come even 2KM near to this place, for sure whether it crosses expreeway or from bhangelside.
5. Lots of sound ( though bhajans-kirtans-skankhs) from Ashramside from early morning till night.
6. Ashramside is actually not green, but its JHHARRS.
7. Layout of ATS plot is against any vastu standard. Vastu Dosh cannot be corrected by any means. Those who dont believe in vastu, may believe in symmetry. Its a gross unsemmetric plot. Anyone who can spot more weird plot than this one deserves cash award from ATS/Noida athority.
8. Bid price for this plot is exactly equal to all the plots of Sec 137(See Jan ad). But persqft rates are atleast 60% more than Sec137 apartment prices. Guess who is winning-Builder or invester or poor homebuyer ?
9. ATS is nomore ATS now. One partner has already left which is also a concern.

Now why ATS is still able to sell 200flats( though they say 400) ? Beacuse of ATS Village of Sec93. Nowtell me, Are above disadvantages also applicable for ATS village. Answer is Striclty NO. All 9 disadvantgaes are not applicable for ATS village. Its only made for home buyers of HAMLET.

From myviewpoint, and price >RS3500 for CLP ( 10% lower for DP) is bad for investers. And for buyers who want to live there, I dont recommend.
I have invested in DivineMeadows which though is not great project, but have better value for money , and is livable.
People looking for premium apartments should book Golf facing apartments in Unitech/JP . Just wait, atleast 2000 golf facing apartments could be launched by them in coming years. Those would be much much better than ATS One Hamlet.
Others can wait for ATS Sec45 project, One project coming in Sec105, or Lotus projectnext to Eldeco Sharanam.
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