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Default Need help on Saat Bara and N.A. land

Hi All,

My father bought 1 acre of agriculture land. As per the saat bara, there is only one owner for this land and we paid money to him. Couple of week back, talathi approached my farther and shared info that 1.5 gunthas is converted into N.A. and you need to pay tax for N.A. land for last 10 years.

When we did some inquiry, we got to know that, father of the person who sold us land, converted 1.5 gunthas into N.A. My question is.

1) Are we still own 1 acre (40 guntha) land we bought from his son. As per saat bara, he is the only owner. Or we need to give back 1.5 guntha?
2) What are all option we have to deal with situation.

Please share your thought and information.

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Default pls reply

so many reply..pls pls help.
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In your sale deed, there will be something called 'indemnity bond'. That document will basically state that I am selling the land with full knowledge and no hidden facts. If this is wrong, I may be subjected to law.

Now you have two options.
1. Get hold of the farmer. Threaten him you will file a court case on him regarding cheating, because he has knowingly sold you a plot with balance tax.
2. If you don't want the NA land, offer him the land on refund of proprotionate cost
3. If you want the NA land (which you should), you may offer a portion of pending tax to the farmer.

In all these cases, you will need a good lawyer. Don't do things out of your head, because I have seen many such 'mutual agreements' between buyers and sellers which will hold absolutely no ground in courts. Spend 5000 on lawyer now rather than spending 50,000 on cases later.

EDIT: first of all, when you bought the land, didn't you do any title search? A change in Saatbara in last 10 years should be very easy to find for trained eyes.
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We bought land in 2005. The first owner converted 1.5 gunthas to N.A. in 2000. However, Talathi is asking my father to pay tax for 10yrs.

Moreover, when we bought land, as per 7/12, his son was the only owner for land of 40 gunthas. So based on your reply, it appears that, we are owner of 40 gunthas, including 1.5 gunthas of N.A. land. It just that we need to pay tax from 2005 to till date. There is no dispute as far as ownership of land is concern. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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