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      • JMD Megapolis IT Park JMD Group Sohna Road Gurgaon


        I have looked through the old threads and haven't had much luck looking for information regarding the JMD IT Megapolis Sohna Road project, hence a new thread.

        Is there anyone on the forum who has invested in this project and is up to speed with the latest developments like:

        Construction status.
        Leasing information.
        Current resale/company rate.
        Possession dates.
        Maintenance charges etc.

        I visited the site in Feb this year and the building structure was ready, they were starting to put glass on the structure.
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      • 55 views and no responses. I take it that JMD IT Megapolis is not a very popular project then?!? The construction does not seem to be stalled for lack of selling of building though.

        I emailed JMD asking for an update on this project and as expected didn't hear back from them.
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      • Not much of investors in this project . It was discussed sometime back, but fizzled out ( do not remember the reasons ).
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