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      • House Construction

        What will be the raw house without finishing only RCC structure construction cost for 1200 sqft in Patia area if self supervised.Need
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      • Reputation of AMEYA Group

        Hi All,
        Please share the reputation of AMEYA Builder in regards to ethics , quality & transparency
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        Last edited 2 days ago.

      • Can flat owners use common areas like staircases for keeping their bicycles

        I wanted ask , if any flat owners can use staircases for parking their bicycles. For last 6-7 months my neighbor's son is parking his bicycle in the staircase. If anyone asks them to stop doing it instead they starts fighting and claims that they are using common areas. But in my knowledge we can't keep any kind of personal things in the common area. Apart from that we have lots of kids with bicycles who parks their bicycles in the parking load, so we wanted to know if we can use common areas for such things.
        Apart from that they are already facing a legal action against keeping shoe rack in the common area. Even after taking the issue in court the wife still keeps the shoe rack in common place. They're most annoying neighbors. Moreover they also installed cctv cameras in such a way that it invades privacy of 5 families of the same floor.
        please share your views regarding this matter.
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      • Casagrand Luxeria in Navallur, Chennai

        Any idea about Casagrand Luxeria villa project in Thalambur?
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      • Upper Kharghar - Locality Review, Infrastructure, Property Rates

        Lately Upper Kharghar is being termed as a hot destination with both premium and affordable projects coming up in the vicinity. Let us share a general locality review about the infrastructure, ongoing property rates in Upper Kharghar, gentry and other such facts.
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      • Gopalan Aqua in Whitefield, Bangalore


        Can someone throw some light on Gopalan Aqua project. Am looking at the A block for which construction has just started.

        My questions:
        -Builder says most of the flats are sold off above 3rd floor not sure how true that is.( Suspecting builder blocking then for premium price down the line).

        -Facing of the flat will be changed so that it is more aligned to West facing based on the feedback from the B block where the facing is South-West. Could not get any concrete plan to see it our self other than their word on it.

        -Road passing through the project but practically that may not post any serious issue, any comments from experts are welcome.

        Thanks in advance.

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        Last edited 3 days ago.

      • Skandaavani Shelters Spirit Of One in Gunjur Palya, Bangalore

        Has anyone purchased in Skanda Spirit Of One villas in Balagere Road. Need some inputs from experts here.
        they are quoting 7500 psft. Approx built up area 3000 sqft on land parcel of 1350sqft
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      • Need Kitchen Maintenance advice after Termite infestation

        I wanted to take your advice on our kitchen maintenance. Recently we had a termite infestation in our house on first floor 8 moths back and now it occurred again in kitchen so we had to remove all the wood work cabinet that's been there for around 15 years. It was in good condition but had no other option to completely remove it to get rid of termites. But Now the thing is we don't want to spend too much money on a modular kitchen as we might shift house in next couple of years so right now looking for something that is Cost effective and sturdy that gets the job done not too fancy. So if you please guide what should we do in this situation, It would mean a lot. I live in Janakpuri,West Delhi
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      • Sharing bad experience with losing money to landlords in Posh area in Chennai , Adyar

        Last year had an extremely bad experience , found a rental flat in Adyar, 20+ year old building , Anandam apartments, Adyar Chennai 600020.
        Even though the house was old ,no AC,Backup etc and rent quoted was 31k for 1200 soft apartment, we decided to check out , as my parents are elderly and we already live nearby.
        Now here comes the cinematic part,
        a man in his 60s, MR Ramalingan walks in to show us the house, speaks politely in hushed tones and quickly shows us around.
        Does not let us patiently see the place. my parents being very polite people take his word, when we ask things like ,does the sink work, is there any drain issues etc.
        He has whitewashed the whole house , smeared plumbings etc with a coat of paint /distemper to no reveal cracks or stains.
        To their credit the house received lots of sunlight and the locality is quite green and airy.
        He emails us the agreement and asks to sign immediately, if interested as he has others getting interest , bla , blah blah .
        I too sign it, since my aged mom insisted .
        But while doing so ask him a few things, like removing the DEFUNCT window AC in one room , amending the mosquito nets etc.Locks in bathdoors were broken .
        He says don't worry , we will resolve everything before you move in .
        Done and signed .
        Now comes the fun part, we pay the advance and go to clean the place and boil milk.
        Now their couple shows their true colours.
        His wife(who is the actual owner) takes over and immediately disagrees to any domand .
        Says, why is that broken AC bothering you ?
        Later we discover from neighbour that lift will not function in rains as their is some underground cannal running below it, Great 2nd floor where my arthritis mom has to walk after paying 33k a month. found that even the buttons in lift are. broken , while showing us the place the owner had smartly pressed them in whatever way you should to make it work.

        We wash a few vessels on our first 2 days and suddenly the kitchen is flooded . : / . We check it out and seems there is some plumbing done badly. Wherein even a few grains on rice or pieces of leftover meals will cause a clog near the balcony outlet and we should remove them.
        Gas hole is too small for my gas pipe to fit , I call my plumber who inspects the slab and kitchen plumbing and calls it a joke .
        The doors in the kitchen shelves are broken .
        I inform all this to MRS Vidya Ramalingam Owner, who says she will visit next day and check . Suddenly at 8:30 PM the same day the couple barge in as a surprise and , insist on each complaint that it's the way it's meant to be . Ask us to ADJUST AND LIVE and not complain .
        Yes right , after paying a super premium for an old apartment you want be to keep playing with the drain .
        Next day my dad uses one of the restrooms and finds the floor angle is wrong and all the water comes out 😕, to which owner tells us to just use the other restroom 😡.
        Finally fed up my mom gives a notice, to not anger them she mentions moving due to personal reason. Owner gets angry and tells us she will subtract 3 months rent + Maintenance and will forgive us for painting charges *( painting charges what nonsense &#128580.
        We try telling them to settle for extra one month rent and that we will hand over key immediately .
        But no , no sympathies, they seem to be experts at this .
        While vacating a local worker there ( I do not wish to name ) tells me , sir I work in all flats expect this one as the lady is know for this attitude .
        So all in all for 20 days of stay we paid them 3 months of rent amounting to a 1Lakh PLUS .
        All charges like maintenance were fully subtracted , for the whole amount even though the notice period ended in the middle of a month 🫤.

        We tried approaching the authorities politely through a known source , on getting calls , the lady threatens them saying she will report to media if anyone calls here . WHATTT ???
        Misusing media sympathy for women and old people.
        Super rude and refuses to bulge,
        During this time the second wave of covid sets in badly in India and I did not want to add to the stress and let the whole thing go .
        But as I explore realty now for myself , I thought to warn fellow renters or buyers of this scam.
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        Last edited 5 days ago.

      • Fusion The Brook & Rivulet, Greater Noida West

        Fusion Builtech is coming up with a new project in Sec 12 Noida Ext by the name Brook and Rivulet. Senior members please throw light on it.
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        Last edited 6 days ago.

      • Pal Shiva Som Valley : Plots in Thakur Wara, Gurgaon

        i am planning to invest in sohna as it is as per my budget. i have visited the site of pal shiva som valley plots (around 1 km from highway)near supertech plots/GD goenka school at Sohna. Builder is quoting 55000 per sq yard rate.i am thinking of plot size of around 100 sq yards
        Kindly help with the following queries: a) whether builder is genuine. b) whether rates are investible?
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      • Raheja Reserve in Mohammadwadi, Pune

        Hello Member, Any feedback about Raheja Reserves project at Mohmdwadi? This is a extension of the current Raheja Vistas. I am planning to book a 3BHK here. Possession is July 2023.
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      • How to calculate price of a resale Duplex?

        I am looking at a 15 Years old resale property which is a Two storey Duplex Unit.

        what is industry practice regarding calculating rate of duplex ?

        How does one calculate the rate of 1)covered parking which is the entire ground floor in this specific property and 2)the rate of the terrace which is the roof of the entire unit.

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        Last edited 2 weeks ago.

      • Suggestion on grounds near Dillibabu Nagar, Near Pallikaranai ,South Chennai

        Suggestion on grounds near delhibabu nagar
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        Last edited 2 weeks ago.

      • Urbanrise Spring is in the Air in Ameenpur, Hyderabad

        One of the worst developers I have ever seen in my life. They betray the customers in every possible way. I registered my interest by booking a 2 BHK Apartment with Urbanrise, spring in the air project. At the time of booking I was been informed that If I cancel the booking within 7 days, all my booking amount will be refunded. But these guys are robbers, they never returned my money. It's almost 8 months now and they keep on delaying by not responding and not answering the calls. My sincere advice is to stay away from these kind of robbers who cheat, deceive and rob the hard earned money of innocent people.
        All the representatives, salesman and CR team guys are cheaters. They say one thing at the time of booking and never keep up their promise.
        The salesperson who promised me that my money will be returned back to me is now not answering the calls, he has changed his mobile no. His name is Mr SuryaPrakash.
        Other people who are involved in this fraud are:
        1) MR SRIKANTH CRM
        These people are taking it easy because they know that I am out of country, but I am not gonna spare anyone of them. Soon I will be coming to India and going to make a police case against this company and against all the persons who are involved in this fraud.
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        Last edited 2 weeks ago.