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      • babu007
        started a topic Chennai : Caught up in DHFL Home Loan Mess

        Chennai : Caught up in DHFL Home Loan Mess


        I bought composite Loan from DHFL last year. I agreed to DHFL since they offered loan for Patta land and abide to house construction demanding approval from Local Panchayat.

        When I started a construction month back, their Technical team is telling different conditions that they could release further amount only if I submit the Building approval Plan from Municipality. I have been in talks with them but still they are adamant and blame the sales managers of mine who are not working there now.

        Please advice me how to tackle it and this suffer since I am in the middle of construction. The area falls under CMDA limits
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        Last edited April 1 2016, 09:17 PM. Reason: Grammatical

      • Chennai : Borewell Permission Procedure in Sholinganallur Taluk


        I heard we need to take permission for digging borewell for house construction. Whom do I need to be contacted?

        Could anyone tell me the procedure and how much time and money it takes?
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      • Concerns Regarding Poor Quality of Construction

        I live in one of the Shriram properties apartments in Bangalore. Construction quality is very poor as there are many complaints of water leakage in walls, bathroom, cracks on walls etc.

        Is there any government standard body to monitor construction quality of apartment? Are there any building construction standards builders need to follow? Any information in this regard will be use full.
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      • Query Regarding Capital Gain Tax Account and Home Loan

        Dear Sir,

        We selled one property 20 L and put it in LTCG account.

        Now we have selected one property which on paper as per circle rate is 25 L but that building needs construction amounts approx 4-5 L so total would be 30 L, So I need a Home Loan of 10 L,

        So Should I ask for 5 L of Home loan and 5 L of construction loan

        Or Should I take 10 L of home loan and can use 10 Lac from LTCG account for purchasing property and 10 L for construction?

        What documents do I need to show construction?
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      • Chennai : Soil Test and Construction on Labor Basis

        Hi Members

        I'm planning to construct a house of 2000 sq. ft. Ground+1 floor later 2nd floor near Ambattur (Chennai) I would like to have some experts opinion on the following.

        (1) For Ground+2 is soil test is really necessary. What are the approximate rate in Ambattur (Chennai) for conducting soil test and what are the benefits of conducting soil test? The soil color is red.

        (2) I am going for labor contract. How to negotiate labor contract i.e. Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. separately OR combined all together.

        (3) For all steel items used for construction, I am planning to paint prior to construction in order to keep away the rust for longer life. I don't mind paying little bit extra money. Any suggestions please.

        Thank you in advance.
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        Last edited November 27 2015, 02:04 PM. Reason: Text Formatting & Original Name Mentioned

      • Rajmaya
        started a topic KNK Properties, Pune : Complaint against a Builder

        KNK Properties, Pune : Complaint against a Builder


        I had given my property for development. In that I retained part of FSIand I paid for the other part. The builder did not give me the possession on time. Paid money due late. Now I have got the possession but he has not done a good job. There are leakage in the whole flat. Also in the entrance by the elevator has fallen down. Luckily no one was hurt. The builders name is KNK Properties, Pune. Where I told him he says that he has handed over the building and that is not his problem he says the owners are not maitaining it. But this is not maintenance issue it's poor work. If the paint comes off then it's maintenance bit if the stucture falls it's poor construction. The builder build new locations under new names. Don't know what to do and how to make him do the repairs as its not even 3 year old.

        I am a NRI so cannot be behind him he is very arrogant does not give a damn as he knows what can I do when am not in the country.

        I want to also tell all NRI's not to invest in India as all are crooks.

        Would be grateful if anyone can guide me what to do. There are 5 flats in the building one on each floor.

        The windows doors all are of very poor quality. It looks as if the building is 25 year old. You can imagine what I am talking about.

        Thank you
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        Last edited November 19 2015, 07:38 PM. Reason: Text formatting.

      • Mumbai : Looking for an Industrial Land or Small Industrial Unit / Factory

        Dear All,

        First of all, I am New to this Forum. If I posted in wrong section please excuse me.

        I am Looking for Industrial Land or Pre-Built in Industrial Facility to set up Business here in Mumbai. I know nothing about Mumbai. Could you please help me that in which area of Mumbai i should look for Land or Factory. My Preferences for this are:-

        The Place should be connected with Mumbai through Bus, Metro, Train or any other mode of Transportation for the Transportation of Goods and also for the easy travelling of Staff/ Factory workers.

        I am not looking for a prestigious Office Place. But the Cheaper Area. If the it is little bit out side of the City but Cheaper it will be more good.

        The place should have chances of approval for factory or industrial facility construction.

        Your Nice and Kind Response will be highly appreciated.

        Thanks and Best Regards,
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        Last edited November 14 2015, 06:32 PM. Reason: user's name deleted

      • Top RTM Properties wrt Construction Quality, Floor Plan, Maintenance, Locale & People

        Wondering what everybody thinks their top 5 RTM picks in gurgaon are given all of the following-

        1) great construction quality - read no cheap material or seepage
        2) maintenance and facilities - seriously sorted maintenance staff
        3) floor plan - that actually makes sense for the resident
        4) locale - okay access is important but so is the gentry living around you
        and if you want another parameter then 5) still holds an investment potential

        Very interested to see what all of you think...
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        Last edited November 4 2015, 03:20 PM. Reason: Text formatting.

      • Savaya Heritage Square by Savaya Group, Neemrana / NH-8, Bhiwadi

        Hi Friends,

        Does anybody has knowledge about Savaya Group? They are launching a commercial project 'Savaya Heritage Square' at Neemrana. Their plans seems to be very good. Is it advisable to invest in this project? Please share if someone is having any information about this group's credibility.

        Please advice, thanks.
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        Last edited November 4 2015, 01:08 PM. Reason: Formatting

      • Bangalore : Query Regarding Registration Without E-khata

        One of my friend stuck in odd situation. He bought a flat on sarjapur-attibele road from M builder. Construction of flat is stopped, project is already delayed by 2 years. Construction is 90% complete and builder is not ready to complete rest of construction and the amenities. So some owners are putting their money to complete rest of construction. Also it seem "some of the owners" has told rest of the owners that builder will run away, so complete the registration fast.

        Right now there is no khata for flats, and it seem for registration now its mandatory to have e-khata. But some of the owners did registration in back date by bribing the gov officials.

        So now my friend is stuck and dont know what to do, whether he should go for this type of illegal registration as builder will soon run away.

        Any advice on this front is appreciated.
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      • GCX / SPR / Sohna Road, Gurgaon : 2 / 3 BHK in 75 - 85L

        Hi Seniors,

        I want to buy under construction/resale apartment in Gurgaon, please suggest

        Purpose : End Use
        Possession: within max 2-3 years.
        Budget: 75-85 Lac (Including Loan 50 Lacs)
        Size : 2+1BHK or 3BHK
        Locality: GCX, SPR or Sohna Road
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        Last edited October 25 2015, 03:10 PM. Reason: user's name deleted

      • Chennai : Evaluating the Credibility of Joint Venture Partner in Redevelopment?

        Once we decide to go for a redevelopment of our TNHB property through a builder how can we evaluate the genuine and trust worthy JV partner? We are 12 owners of a TNHB property in Chennai and the size of the plot is 974 . We want to go for stilt plus four floors in the present land which is 136 wide x 78 feet depth . The plot is facing a 80 feet on the road in the front and abutting a 30 feet side road. We can allow the builder to go for sharing the sale proceeds of the last floor 4 flats to his account and our equity will be the ground at the prime location only . Please let me know whether the leading reputed builders can share with the owners the following.

        1) ISO certification for construction of the building activity.
        2) Audited annual business turn over during the last three financial years ie 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16.
        3) A single contract for having completed a project in JV for a similar size of the project .
        4) Is patta a necessary document needed from all the owners in addition to the Sale Deeds which they posses.
        5) We do have the TNHB supplied Orientation plan for the existing building.
        6) Are the builders ready to give a solvency certificate for the proposed value of the construction.
        7) The proposed builder to meet the prescribed construction activity with all the approvals within a strict 24 months timeline.
        8) Compensation of the loss of rent at say 15K p.m for the 24 months or till the occupancy whichever is later.
        9) Any MOU format entered into with other JVs can be provided.
        10) The entire construction has to be within the permissible FSI and as per approvals of the Regulatory authorities.
        11) A warranty for the defects liability period of two years minimum for structural and other amenities provided.
        12) A quantum of 5% of the proposed value of the construction will be provided for 2 years as an irrevocable Banker Guarantee to cover the warranty period.
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        Last edited October 24 2015, 04:28 PM.

      • Shree Balaji Wind Park, Shree Balaji Group, S G Highway, Ahmedabad

        I visited Shree Balaji Windpark and liked the project. They have 2165sqft 3bhk with luxurious amenities. I really liked the spacious apartment, but I'll have to stretch my budget for that. I am sure about the quality, but can someone confirm it will be worth paying the price ? They have premium flooring and bathroom fittings, basic modular kitchen and 3 ACs. I'm looking for it from residential purpose, and will move in asap. My basic requirement is specious rooms with quality construction. They quoted 3800/sqft on first visit. There will be some extra charges, around 8-9% i think. IS there any comparable(spacious at least if not luxurious) project nearby ?
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      • Builder Forcing to Sign Bond for Getting Possession Letter

        I have purchased flat in Pune 4 years before. Now builder has given us possession late by almost 2 years. I have taken my flats keys from him without any possession letter after paying him full and final payment and got tenant for my flat and they are staying there for last 2 months.

        now my builder is telling that he want to do additional construction on my building and for his safety side he is forcing us to do sign some resister paper on 100 rs Stamp and he is tell us that after we sign this document only he will give us possession letter officially. he even told us that that bold paper has written everything regarding possession but that bold paper has his terms and condition too so that we will approve him for his further construction.

        1> Can you please let us know is it mandatory to take possession letter as he has already handover my flats keys to me and my tenant are staying there for last 2 months?

        2> Can we raise our Voice and ask him to stop doing construction on building if residential people facing issues even if we have signed his 100 rs bond paper which mentioned that we don't have any problem if he proceed his construction.?

        3> Is possession letter mandatory to take from builder even though he is already handover the Keys to owner.?
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      • Tax Liability on an NRI on Sale of Under Construction Property


        I am planning to sell my property in Noida.

        90% amount is paid. No bank finance involved.
        All money remitted through NRE or NRO bank accounts held in India
        Property is still under construction and it might take 1-2 years more

        Based on above, I need to know-
        If I sell this property, will there be any LTCG or STCG and how will it be calculated?
        If the amount is paid from NRE account, can I have it repatriated out of India? Partially or fully?
        If I invest this money in buying residential land, will I get any exemption from LTCG or STCG (if it is applicable?

        Looking forward to your valuable feedback


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