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      • Will gold remain a good investment bet in 2018 amid stock market volatility?

        Only in times of economic uncertainty or high inflation does gold attracts world’s attention. With real estate prices in the slump for the last 5 years. Diamonds losing its sheen, psu bank scams.... maybe the life cycle for real estate is back or one should lay safe and bet on physical gold or even safer a FD.

        What do you have to say? I can say with certainty that equity market is ready for the worst.
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        Last edited February 21 2018, 12:34 PM.

      • Godrej City Woods Phase 1 by Godrej Properties in Panvel, Mumbai

        Wanted to buy a 2BHK for investment purpose & was looking for properties in Panvel. I came to know about Godrej City Woods which is providing 2 & 3BHK in 75L - 1.1Cr.
        It is located on the old Mumbai-Pune highway, so locationcwise this is a good deal. I am not sure if the construction has started.
        Need an expert's opinion on this project. Should I invest or not?
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      • thegame
        started a topic Investment of 1.5 Crore in Gurgaon

        Investment of 1.5 Crore in Gurgaon

        Learned members, please suggest property for investment purpose in Gurgaon with budget 1.2 to 1.5 crores. It could be a residential plot or commercial project also.
        is there any good commercial project option in upcoming location like DEW from good builder. I checked residential plots but could not find good location plot in reasonable price.
        Now thinking about commercial project but have never invested in commercial property so bit skeptical. I understand returns might not be great due to grim RE scenario but would like to add a good commercial project as asset.
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      • Guardian Eastern Meadows Vs Karia Konark Orchid in Wagholi, Pune

        Hello All - I want to buy a 2 BHK flat as an investment option in Kharadi or Wagholi with a budget of max 65 lakhs. I have visited some properties regarding that including Guardian Eastern Meadows and Karia Konark Orchid. As per the progress I could see, Eastern Meadows has better location but the sizes offered are smaller as compared to Konark Orchid but the Eastern Meadows is a going to be delivered in 2019, whereas Orchid is RTM.

        There is a bit confusion whether this is a right investment or should I opt somewhere else which has better growth potential. I would like to use this flat for personal use also in 2-3 years time.
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        Last edited July 25 2017, 12:41 AM.

      • Investment for Rental income; 40~60 lacs Budget; Integrated townships

        Hi Guys,

        With the RE prices correction underway and not much capital gains expected over the next 2-3 years, I am looking to invest in a small ticket property- mainly for rental income. 40~60 lacs Budget.

        Looking at the IREF reports for Bangalore, I am targeting a 5-6% return.. so about 20k rental for a 50lacs flat. Is this realistic?

        >>> Ideally in an integrated township/ good builder society to ensure regular occupancy and tenants <<<

        Key Criterion:
        1. Ready to move/ Resale is ok.
        2. NOT looking at under construction
        3. Good and immediate rental income

        No rush, willing to wait out.

        Appreciate your feedback for some suggestions in this area,

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      • Dave7777
        started a topic Property in Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi

        Property in Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi

        I am having a house in Old Rajinder Nagar,New Delhi which has 3 independent flats. Construction was done in the year 1985. It is freehold, clear title and perhaps the only one having Completion Certificate. Any ideas to keep it or sell it. Property prices quoted by friends and dealers fluctuate too much and I am looking for best option from the investment point of view. Would love to know your experience if you had done any transaction in this area. Looking for better return and expected price if I decide to sell it. Further if someone could throw light on the Capital gain aspect of the issue.
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        Last edited July 19 2017, 11:00 AM.

      • Realgame101
        started a topic 2 CR to 4 CR in 2 years

        2 CR to 4 CR in 2 years

        I have 2 CR . My target to make it possibly to 4 CR with investment time frame of 2-2.5 years .
        Location is gurgaon, bangalore, pune

        What could fetch be better returns if not 4 CR ?

        1) Buying plot 360 -400 sq yards in south city 2/ sector 48.
        2) Buying 3 flats of RTM 60 lakhs each(2/3 BHK) in Bangalore/pune with above average builder and renting it out and put on sale after 2 years..
        3) Buying retail commercial property under-constructed or constructed with rental.
        4) Buying four 25% down payment-75% till possession ( target BSP 60 lakhs in bangalore/pune).. Essentially paying 60 lakhs only and putting remaining 1.4 CR in FD for 2 years..Flipping it .

        I guess none of them will? Hoping a good discussion..
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      • Casa Grande Primera in Mugalivakkam, Chennai

        HI, Casa Grande Primera in Mugalivakkam is a new project launched by CG in Mugalivakkam. Need advise from experts on the location and investment value on to this. Price is quoted around 5000/- per sq.ft. A 1000 s.ft 2 BHK is expected around 60 Lakhs. Moreover it seems that recently CG is launching more projects - any delay in hand over expected?
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        Last edited June 18 2017, 11:18 AM.

      • Yazoo Park Virar West, Mumbai - Investment prospect?

        Hi guys,

        I am still looking for properties for around 30 lakhs as my budget. I will be taking a loan for the purchase of the property so i am expecting that the property will be worth way more than the current price so when i sell it i get the loan cleared + some extra.

        I've been looking for properties in the following locations.

        1. Virar west near yazoo park e.g ekta parksville, vinay unique garden etc
        2. Ornate Kallisto in Bhiwandi.
        3. Number of Projects in palghar.

        Out of the above 3 Location which has the most chance of getting a good growth in pricing in the next 10 years?

        Is it worth buying a house for investment purposes on loan?
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      • NSK Bliss Meadows in Mandinaguda, Hyderabad

        Hi All,
        I am looking for a 2BHK flat in Hyderabad and i am considering the following project
        NSK's Bliss Meadows (near Pranam Hospital, Madinaguda).
        Builder: NSK construction

        I tried to search about this project as well as builder but could not find much info.
        Can you all please provide some info about this project? I have following questions

        1) How good is the builder? (I never heard of it. This is the first project i found from this builder)
        2) How is the location of this project?
        3) What is the water supply status in this area?
        4) What is the future growth potential of this property for investment purpose?
        5) What is current price per sft in this area?


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        Last edited June 3 2017, 04:37 PM.

      • Noida Expressway Sector 93 / 150 : Property in 1 Crore


        I am looking to buy an apartment/plot/duplex for investment purpose in Noida. Prices have been almost stagnant for last 3-4 years but with metro(Noida-G.Noida) about to come up within a year and builder societies getting ready in next couple years, I am hoping the area around expressway(Sector 93 -> Sector 150) will catch traction, will become habitable and in 5 years will be what Noida is like before Sector 93 but better as it would be better planned.

        Can you guys suggest a couple investment options I can make for next 3-4 years in the area from Sector 93 to Sector 150 along the expressway? My budget is around 1cr but can increase it to 1.5cr for UC that will be delivered in 2-3 years.

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      • Investment tips: How to buy a home that delivers long-term ROI

        Click image for larger version

Name:	return-on-investment.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	24.3 KB
ID:	2516551

        The decision to buy a property, should be based purely on the needs of the individual and the inherent value of the unit. We look at how home buyers can ascertain this, to choose a property that provides good returns on investment

        With the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) coming into force, as well as various other policy initiatives such as the Benami Transactions Act and the government’s push to affordable housing, we are seeing increased activity in the residential property market in the larger cities. After the dampener of demonetisation in 2016, the positive buyer sentiment visible now is especially significant. Consequently, builders are determined to capitalise on it, via increased marketing efforts. Given that there is already a lot of supply in the residential market – a lot of it for ready possession – fresh launches have been curtailed, so that the existing inventory can be absorbed. Much of the intensified marketing efforts are centered around special deals and offers.

        How to ascertain the real value of a home

        While this may be advantageous for property buyers, they should be judicious while evaluating offers and schemes and base their purchase decisions solely on the real value of the home. Freebies such as gold, cars and household goods, have an undeniable attraction but they are fundamentally frivolous in nature and do not add to the value of the home.
        The price of a home is obviously an important consideration for middle-class property buyers. However, the strategy of looking for the cheapest options on the market, does not make much sense because it is quality that determines value. In the case of residential property, the quality of an offering depends on three aspects:
        • The quality of the location.
        • The brand value of the builder.
        • The availability and quality of facilities and amenities in the project and in individual units.
        The importance of location in a property’s value

        Central locations are traditionally the costliest, as they offer great access to many important parts of the city , such as the CBD (central business district) and SBD (secondary business district). These areas tend to host the offices of high-profile companies and offer a vast cross-section of jobs, from highly-paid management to more modestly-paid support staff jobs. Even the second category of jobs is attractive, because the growth prospects in high-profile companies, are usually very good. This is what makes living in central locations very desirable and from a real estate pricing perspective, very expensive.
        In India, this mantra held true for a very long time, until the advent of the infotech culture. The IT/ITeS industry, tends to offer very good salary packages but is not focused on high-value locations. Quite to the contrary, such firms prefer to set up shop in peripheral locations, so as to save on the real estate costs. As a result, many cities’ outskirts have become very desirable places for home buyers and they are far less expensive.
        For IT professionals and industrial employees, as well as property investors, buying a home in a peripheral location that connects to an IT hub and/or manufacturing belt, makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, such locations attract all kinds of developers – from those who have a reputation for creating true lifestyle value offerings, to those who specialise in constricted, ‘pigeon-hole’ homes. This is where the brand value of a developer plays a significant role.

        See also: Should location be the only price determining factor?

        Correlation between brand value and quality

        With a lot of housing supply available in the new growth corridors, buyers are spoilt for choice. The cost of a flat is obviously important but one still only gets what one pays for. Ultimately, a home is not just an asset but one which performs the very critical functions of offering refuge, comfort and security. Buyers must look for options, which offer them these three advantages to a satisfactory level. Branded builders provide these as part of their standard value offering, because their reputation demands it.

        Facilities and amenities that add value to a property
        Urban life today, places a lot of stress and demands on us. Consequently, our homes cannot be mere places of refuge but must also provide healing and rejuvenation. A clubhouse, swimming pool and children’s park, are no longer luxuries but the bare minimum that Indian home buyers can and should expect. Nevertheless, even projects without such offerings will find buyers because of their lower prices. While short-listing prospects for home purchase, it is important to ensure that the final selection provides a decent lifestyle and not just an abode.
        If one looks at the supply in the residential property market from this perspective, the choice of options automatically narrows down to a more manageable and comprehensive level. Buying the right home is not just about present and future comfort, but also about investment growth. Homes in good locations, built by reputed developers with a good saturation of amenities and facilities, will always yield better capital appreciation, as well as potential rental income for property investors.

        (The writer is CMD, Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd)

        Click image for larger version

Name:	return-on-investment.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	24.3 KB
ID:	2516552
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        Last edited May 28 2017, 05:55 PM.

      • 2 or 3 BHK, Range max 45 Lacs - Ready to move.

        I am looking for 2 or 3 BHK, Range max 45 Lacs, Society Flats not builder flats. Area- Ghaziabad,Noida. Ready to move. Please comment on Rajnagar Extension or Noida extension or Greater noida or ghaziabad, out of these which area should i choose and which apartments, if you can specify. Mine is a transferable job, so when i move out, I would prefer to sell off, so keeping this in mind, please throw some light that which area would be suitable for living as well as investment purpose.
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      • Gurgaon : Victory Valley vs Windchants vs M3M Merlin vs Puri diplomatic Greens vs Grand Arch

        Hello Members

        This is again one of those discussions where we compare projects with each other. I apologise if this feels redundant,
        but there is no other thread that talks about all of these projects in tandem.

        For the past 3 months+ I have carried out a painstakingly detailed research for a new apartment for myself and family to reside in Gurgaon, and have finally shortlisted these 5 projects. I have gone through most of the discussions regarding these, most conversations revolve for investment purpose or for a specific budget.

        I list down details about my requirements that may help with giving advice.
        1. We are a recently married couple and live with our parents.
        2. I require a 4 BHK unit.
        3. We can wait to move in it's not an urgent need. Although we are looking to buy now. This will be for end-use only and not an investment, hence we want a good buy.
        4. All of these projects fall in my budget, but of course the lesser we have to spend for a better quality buy the better as we would need to take a loan.
        5. I want excellent amenities and facilities and these projects promise that.
        6. And I want a good overall society and community living.
        Following are the options:

        Society/Builder Super Area Carpet Area Pros/Cons
        Puri Diplomatic Greens 2950 1735 1. Good Quality
        2. Ready to move in
        3. No restaurant in premises
        4. On Dwarka Expressway
        Ireo Victory Valley 3,186 1697 1. Great society amenities
        2. Worst loading
        3. Drawing/dining area is small
        4. 1 bedroom without attached bath
        5. Quality of construction and interiors not good?
        M3M Merlin 3,286 1908 1. Facilities not a match for Ireo projects
        2. Possesion offered.
        3. Quality wise better than Ireo projects
        Experion Windchants 4650 2643 1. Best layout
        2. Good society albeit no restaurant
        3. Good quality
        4. On Dwarka Expressway
        5. Expensive
        Ireo Grand Arch 2865 1888 1. Completed
        2. Expensive
        3. Open kitchen - which I'm not fond of
        4. Good amenities
        5. Quality of construction and interiors not good?

        I hear the problems with Dwarka Expressway will be resolved soon, but I am a little worried about the area development even after the expressway is complete.
        It's basically quality & size vs location I think.

        These are my two bits, I would really appreciate others' opinions and advice as well. This is a huge decision and I am very new to RE. So any help would be great.
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        Last edited May 12 2017, 07:35 PM.

      • 2BHK in Vatika India or Aplha G Corp, Gurgaon

        Hi all, I am new to the forum and am delighted to see the wealth of knowledge among the members. I have been a silent reader of many of the threads in last few days. I am hoping to get some advise from the Gurus in the forum for an investment I am looking to make.

        I have shortlisted Vatika India (7-lamps and G-21 projects in Sec 82 and 83) and Alpha G One( Sec 84). I have also been talking to few dealers on this. I want views in regards to:

        1. Which one seems to be a better investment? pros and cons?
        2. What price points you think are reasonable in this market scenario?
        3. How much important is the size - 2bhk vs 2bhk + study?
        4. How much important is the level of floor? ground/1st/2nd vs middle vs top floor - does that really make a difference in the long run...and how much?

        I am looking for investment purpose mainly.... but may use it for my own use if the area develops as expected after 4-5 years.

        Any advise would be helpful!! Thanks a lot!!
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