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      • Land banking in India’s real estate market

        What exactly is land banking and what is it's impact on India’s real estate market. Also, what benefits can developers and land owners derive out of it?
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      • aryan007dx
        started a topic Want to sell my 35 acre land

        Want to sell my 35 acre land

        i live in chhattisgarh and i have 3.5 acres of my Ancestral land and want to sell it. i have 3 queries ,kindly address .

        1. i want to sell it by diverting it and plotting it in (1500-2000sqft) patches and sell it. when i tried to collect info about the same, i came to know that if i sell it , i would have to take colonizer lisence and then leave some land for EWS and playground and all. sir for 3.5 acres i don't think it is feasible . kindly suggest any other way.

        2. Someone also adviced me to sell it without taking any colonizer license and all that, just make a layout and provide road and all, and when a plot gets booked by the client , then divert that plot only.

        is this feasible sir ?

        i think that will be a illegal colony, but upon enquiring i found that majority of the plots in my city as well as pan india are sold the same way ? what if i sell it this way ? what are the legal hurdles as a owner of the plot that i can face ??

        Please suggest a suitable way in which i can earn maximum out of it as it is my only property and don't get indulge in any major illegal activity ?

        please help me out
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      • jagrati
        started a topic Land in the quiet of Manali

        Land in the quiet of Manali

        I am a non-resident of Himachal. I am from Mumbai and am interested to invest in a cottage-like structure for one person, maybe a 400 sq ft carpet area. This is purely for my personal usage, so want it in a quiet place. Just to throw an example, maybe like Prini. Is there a list of places, builders, prices that I can use to refer and aid my buying decision? Also, what are the rules and procedures for non-residents?
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      • Cosmos Meluha in Khidkali, Thane, Navi Mumbai / Mumbai

        I am planning to buy a flat in Cosmos Meluha, building no 1. Is the property authentic with all the land document clear? I saw this project 6 months back and still it is in the same position. Can anybody confirm if this is good property to buy? Also, confirm if anybody has already purchased.
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        Last edited August 18 2017, 10:36 AM.

      • sandeai
        started a topic VAT in Joint Venture agreement

        VAT in Joint Venture agreement

        When the landowner and the builder get into a joint venture, the builder is charging a VAT to land owner. Is this right and legal?
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        Last edited July 19 2017, 11:53 AM.

      • chakra_v83
        started a topic Government taken our land

        Government taken our land

        My mother owns around 25 cents of land near Kunrathur which was purchased through sale deed in 1983. She got patta in her name and has old patta booklet given around 1985. Now we are trying to sell the land and to our shock, land records show as "government channel" under guideline value page. All surrounding survey numbers are residential class but just this 25 cents of land marked as government channel.

        VAO says that government might have taken it as we had not paid taxes for close to 30 years. The land is clear of any encroachment. EC shows only the sale deed registered by us. Does anyone have any idea about this and how to approach this situation?

        Thanks in advance for any valuable advice given.
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        Last edited July 7 2017, 12:44 PM.

      • GST impact on guideline value of land going forward

        Hi All,

        What is your take on the impact of GST on land prices in Tamilnadu (especially in 2nd and 3rd tier cities) going forward? Now that govt has recently slashed the guideline value, that will very likely increase the cash component of the transaction. Will that lead to more sales and eventually higher prices? In some cities, guideline value is about only 1/4th or even lesser of the market value. So the difference is obviously going to be hidden as black money. That was the norm across all cities until few years ago. But recently many developers in top cities started registering the property at the market value itself and thus the whole transaction happens as per regulation. But land registration still seem to differ from that practice. Is it that true?
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      • Pink Lotus
        started a topic Amendment for AMASR act in 2017

        Amendment for AMASR act in 2017

        This is an information for all affected by the 2010 AMASR act.
        Recently I read these interesting progress in Amending AMASR Act. The central government is planning to amend the 2010 AMASR act to facilitate government approved public works to go ahead within protected , prohibited zone of ASI. This is may happen in this June 2017.
        This is not including individuals who own land / houses who seek building permission.
        We have to ask our representatives to help amending this act , by excluding the 'SITES AND REMAINS ACT' recently included in 2010 .

        This is the best time to seek help / ask for representation for all those land owners affected by this amended ASI AMASR act 2010.
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      • sgarg5
        started a topic Revanta Heights in L-Zone / Dwarka, Delhi

        Revanta Heights in L-Zone / Dwarka, Delhi

        Revanta Heights gave us a proposal of their plans and they earlier said that the land has not been approved by the DDA yet. But today they called and said that the land has been approved by the concerned authorities. Now my main concern is that whether the land has been actually approved or is this some fake news to attract investors?

        Whosoever have some knowledge regarding this or if you are aware of the actual facts please share here.
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        Last edited May 18 2017, 12:25 AM. Reason: clubbed post

      • pankaj6396
        started a topic Jaipur : PMY scheme for CLSS

        Jaipur : PMY scheme for CLSS

        Plz tell me. If I bought a Land (size 20x40) and there is construction on land approx 350 sq ft.
        will I am eligible for PMY scheme for CLSS.
        Am I eligible for subsidy as property cost is Rs. 9 Lac. And my famuly annual income is below 6 Lac pa.
        There is no other property in my family name.

        Plz suggest.
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        Last edited April 30 2017, 08:38 AM.

      • bmecci
        started a topic Question concerning mistake in Sale deed

        Question concerning mistake in Sale deed

        I bought a villa(on loan) in Sarjapura in 2010, Immediately after the registration( Mass registration with 50 odd registation same day), the next day I discovered a mistake in the schedule part of sale deed (east, west not in right order).
        After the registration the land owner ( from Andra) who sold the land had a fallout with the builders. Even though I brought the issue to the builders notice I have been stuck in this mess where I cannot get the rectification deed signed by the original owner because the builder could not communicate with the land owner . Recently I heard that the original land owner passed away. Now the Builder are not returning any calls. Any advise from the knowledgeable members is much appreciated
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      • Chennai : Latest Land Rate - Kolathur, Lakshmipuram, Madhavaram

        Hi IREF folks,

        1) Can anyone post the current land rate price in these areas Kolathur, Lakshmipuram, Madhavaram.
        2) What are the possible problems in buying by splitting one ground (2400SQFT) of land.
        3) I have plan to Half ground (1200 SQFT) land. For 1200SQFT, if don't get the ideal 30 x 40 ft, what would be next ideal size.

        Thanks in Advance,
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        Last edited April 17 2017, 05:35 PM.

      • nitin.7147
        started a topic Arcadia Park East in Kharar, Mohali

        Arcadia Park East in Kharar, Mohali

        Any one who can tell the reviews of Arcadia Park East in Kharar Mohali?
        Penthouses and Ground Floor flats look good to me but wanted to know more about the builder and growth opportunities of land rates in the area?
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      • Pune : Is it Advisable to Get Property Documents Checked by a Lawyer?

        Hi Everyone

        I want to know what do you guys think about the property document verification by a lawyer in case of a plot in a gated community.

        I have recently visited a gated community project on Pune Bangalore Highway close to 40 km away (35-40 min drive from Katraj) and I loved the property. Its a premium gated community with very high end amenities promised.

        The plots are claimed to be NA-Residential and its 1-2 km from the highway.

        When I asked to be builder for the property documents and all the legalities, they have handed over a CD to me which has all the documents and everything and they have said that I can surely get it verified from a lawyer if I want.

        The builder is has a history of delivering and working on various other projects in past and has good history from what I can search on internet.

        My main questions here are ...

        1. Can there be a case where builders fake the documents and give the docs to prospective customers just to gain their confidence?

        2. I am ready to go to a property lawyer and do not have any issues in paying the fees and taking advice, however my only concern on this is that even the lawyers can try to mislead you and even if the docs are genuine, they might try to show you some point and trick you to engage them further even when there is no need for it. This is obviously my imaginary fear (think Jolly LLB)

        3. What is the typical charges of a lawyer in Pune for this kind of consultation and if any recommendations?

        Please share if you already have some experience on this or if you have any thoughts on this topic.

        Developer : Eden Developers (Eden Landmarks,Eden Group,Residential Plots in Pune Mumbai, Farm Plots in pune mumbai karjat, Plots in Mumbai, Land in Pune Mumbai, Plots in Karjat,Amara plots,Amara boutique balinese villas)
        Project - La Monte Carlo

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      • Chennai : Land Value at Vignesh Nagar, Gerumbakkam

        I would like to know the land price at Gerumbakkam, Vignesh Nagar.

        Previously it was notified for the chennai airport extension. Now it has been denotified.

        Can we free to sell the land? If so, what is the price?
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        Last edited December 7 2015, 04:02 PM. Reason: Text formatting.