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      • Can I get home loan for resale independent house Plot from Bank


        I would like to know if there are any restrictions in getting Bank loans for resale/second hand house.

        I heard plot should approved by DTCP/CMDA and if it is panchayat approved(unapproved), Bank doesn't provide loan. is it so?

        What are the things we need to check before buying a resale house/plot? Kindly advise.

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      • abhishek_aec
        started a topic Mutation - Need Urgent Help

        Mutation - Need Urgent Help

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        Please I need your urgent help to know following:

        I purchased plot in Lucknow 2 years back. That time had no information about mutation. When I got to know about this and enquired further in respective Tahseel then
        came to know that in our resgistry many khasra sankhya are mentioned (around 8). Plot number and size exist in resgistry but it is not clearly mentioned that in which
        specific khasra sankhya, plot exist. In case if it falls under more then one khasra then what size & portion fall in which khasra, such information do not exist in
        registry.Not even khata sankhya is mentioned. Its only mentions all 8 khasra sankhya.

        Actually one builder purchased this land from farmer, total size most likely approx. 1.3 hectare. Then he done plotting and sold to individuals.

        Now there are noted below problems:

        a) builder not completed his mutation, done plotting and sold to individuals
        b) few 1st individuals sold this to another individual (one of them is me, plot size 2100 sq ft). No mutation done at time of builder to 1st individual sale as plot.
        c) registry mentions all khasra sankhya covering 1.3 hectare
        d) not sure if builder even got the use change for land

        After digging alot through people we got to know that first this requires vidhikaran process. Penalty will be applied. We are Ok with it and vidhikaran can also be
        done. But later got to know through tahseel that because my registy do not mention about specific khasra therefore mutation cannot be done. We are advised to get the
        registry amendment done to mention specific khasra sankya.

        My questions are following:

        i) if i go for registry amendment then registrar may ask same questions and ask us to produce evidence as prove for specific khasra sankhya.
        ii) when builder do ploting then do he submits this all detail anywhere. Specifying plots clearly and respective khasra sankhya. Or atleast the 'to be' map legally
        somewhere. Which we can use as reference.
        iii) Will this information be available in tahseel?
        iv) if we get something like this then can we use same for mutation?.
        v) in case builder has done nothing like this and just done plotting and sold to individuals then what?. Will we never able to get mutation done?.
        vi) is there any other better way to handle this case and get mutation completed?.

        Your all support is going to be highly and extremely helpful please.

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      • sushily
        started a topic Best investment for monthly returns?

        Best investment for monthly returns?

        I am looking to invest 1.3 cr in gurgaon or its nearby delhi area. My purpose of investment is getting monthly returns. I can invest in plot, buildup house or operational commercial property.please suggest any good investment opportunity among these.
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      • CravenNRI
        started a topic Little Venice in Medavakkam, Chennai

        Little Venice in Medavakkam, Chennai

        Dear readers,

        I own plots in the Little Venice development which is off ECR.

        Little Venice is about 15 km from Mahalbalipuram, close to Vittalapuram Village; it was was marketed to investors about 15 years ago.

        There seems to be interesting developments here.

        I think we should set up a forum of plot owners in Little Venice by mail or Whatsapp.

        Best regards,
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        Last edited June 25 2017, 12:20 PM. Reason: Personal Information

      • Boundary correction needed

        Hi Everyone,

        I am planning to buy a plot for which layout is of 1980s. First purchaser (sale deed in 1985) sold to second purchaser in 2016 and now I am planning to buy the same plot. So, there are only two sale deeds. During physical inspection I found that south boundary is wrongly entered (in both the sale deeds) as "Road" but there's another plot on south. Is it possible to correct error during my registration? If so, please explain me the process.

        My Observations:
        Validated layout copy and on south boundary there's another plot and no road exist.
        Validated plot physically and there's a plot on south boundary and no road exist.
        Checked south plot's EC online and noticed current plot number mentioned as north boundary.

        Since, I have not executed any sale deed, I like it to be corrected before registration or at the time of registration. Please let me know.

        Thanks in Advance.
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      • Lalit rohilla
        started a topic Plot investment in NCR

        Plot investment in NCR

        Hello sir,
        I want to invest in plot in Delhi NCR . I have 6 lac in hand and rest I will manage from bank . Which area is best to invest in plots for next 5-6. years
        Pls suggest
        I need expert advice .
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        Last edited April 23 2017, 09:32 AM.

      • The County Address, Sarjapur Vs. Reliaable Dollars Colony, Gattahalli, Bangalore

        Can anyone share which is a better option between The County Address in Sarjapur and Reliaable Dollars Colony in Gattahalli? I am interested in investing in plots project in Bangalore.
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        Last edited April 14 2017, 02:20 PM. Reason: formatted

      • venkat1
        started a topic Suggestion on residential plot

        Suggestion on residential plot

        Hello Friends,

        I am planning to buy a residential plot (30*40) in bangalore for immediate construction/occupation.
        My budget is 5k/sq.ft. For this budget, I see localities like Nagarbhavi in West-Bangalore and TC Palya in East-Bangalore. My work location is Central-Bangalore.
        Could you suggest localities matching my budget (anywhere in bangalore) where I can move immediately and have good development prospects in future ?

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        started a topic Discussion: Plot to buy in South chennai.

        Discussion: Plot to buy in South chennai.

        Hello All,

        Planning to locate a ground(2400 sqft) of plot in chennai south .
        Need a suggestions and discussion to share the knowledge and analysis done by all , so that it will be useful for all.

        Below are my requirements:
        -Maximum price is 30 L
        -Will be constructing home within 5 years.
        -Ground water availability and commuting facility to IT/OMR.

        Need inputs regarding
        -the plot loans available in market and options to top up the same as a home loan.
        -Areas which can come up as a residential place to construct home, Not necesary to be like velachery, but a good residential area and commutable to OMR/IT corridor(radius of 20 KMs )

        Areas which we are interested are, (some samples, u can suggest any)

        Mambakkam & surr , sithalapakam &surr,agaram then & surr. tambaram west & surr,perungala & surr, vandalur - kelambakam road.

        Please post your inputs about chengalpet also (though >20 KM ,advantage of frequent trains).

        Looking forward for a healthy and useful discussion.
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      • ChnMon
        started a topic Best Place to buy land in Chennai for 1 Crore

        Best Place to buy land in Chennai for 1 Crore

        I am planning to buy a 1800 sq. ft and above land at around 1 Crore. I was looking at Chennai south areas. Getting a land in Kottivakkam or Palavakkam has the ARZ issues and the rates are easily close to 2 Crores for a 1 ground (2400 sq. ft) land. Madipakkam has more availability in Kubera nagar and Ram nagar, which I wouldn't prefer.

        Can you please advise on areas that one can consider for buying a land preferably in Chennai south area. I would like to move in the next few years after constructing the house there.
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      • Pune : Is it Advisable to Get Property Documents Checked by a Lawyer?

        Hi Everyone

        I want to know what do you guys think about the property document verification by a lawyer in case of a plot in a gated community.

        I have recently visited a gated community project on Pune Bangalore Highway close to 40 km away (35-40 min drive from Katraj) and I loved the property. Its a premium gated community with very high end amenities promised.

        The plots are claimed to be NA-Residential and its 1-2 km from the highway.

        When I asked to be builder for the property documents and all the legalities, they have handed over a CD to me which has all the documents and everything and they have said that I can surely get it verified from a lawyer if I want.

        The builder is has a history of delivering and working on various other projects in past and has good history from what I can search on internet.

        My main questions here are ...

        1. Can there be a case where builders fake the documents and give the docs to prospective customers just to gain their confidence?

        2. I am ready to go to a property lawyer and do not have any issues in paying the fees and taking advice, however my only concern on this is that even the lawyers can try to mislead you and even if the docs are genuine, they might try to show you some point and trick you to engage them further even when there is no need for it. This is obviously my imaginary fear (think Jolly LLB)

        3. What is the typical charges of a lawyer in Pune for this kind of consultation and if any recommendations?

        Please share if you already have some experience on this or if you have any thoughts on this topic.

        Developer : Eden Developers (Eden Landmarks,Eden Group,Residential Plots in Pune Mumbai, Farm Plots in pune mumbai karjat, Plots in Mumbai, Land in Pune Mumbai, Plots in Karjat,Amara plots,Amara boutique balinese villas)
        Project - La Monte Carlo

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      • Tapasvi Hill Farms, Jolly Grant Airport, Thano Village, Dehradun

        Hello Guys! I am interested in buying a plot offered by Tapasvi Group in Thano, Dehradun. Since I'm new to investment in Dehradun, I request you people to advise about this project. They are selling @5000/sqyd. The plot location is being told 8-9 kms away from new Vidhan sabha location and 10 kms from international stadium.

        My main concern is:
        1) Future aspect from investment purpose
        2) Credibility of the project
        3) Whether price is appropriate or not
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        Last edited January 17 2016, 01:40 AM. Reason: Text formatting.

      • Chandigarh Best Place to Invest in a Plot in 30L

        I want to invest in a plot with a budget of 30 Lacs. Expecting good returns in about 5 years. Where should I invest? Would like a place where I can also expect to live in future. Not interested in apartments as it requires upkeep.
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      • Palam Vihar, Gurgaon : Suggestions for a 360 SqYd Plot / Area Prospects

        Hi All,
        Wanted to get your opinion on various aspects of Palam Vihar for buying a plot, building and living there.

        1) Love the locality and its ambiance, as I have visited many times and always wanted to live there.
        2) I like the prices of the plots - these have gone down over the last few years - so no complaints there. Please share your thoughts on if this is the right time to buy a 360 sq. yards plot or are we likely to see further decline, or rise?
        3) Not sure how the electricity and water situation is? A few years back, someone had commented that in summers there are huge power cuts. Dwarka, I was then told was an alternative as in Delhi the power cuts are much lesser.
        4) Connectivity - is there a chance of metro coming there? Are Autos and Cabs available like in Delhi? How about bus service?
        5) Safety - a few years back there were news of it being unsafe. Not sure as there are incidents everywhere, would like to hear about it in a balanced way in the right context.
        6) Are the new sectors 109,110,111 going to further enhance livability in PV by bringing in more infrastructure and facilities.

        Thanks in advance. Appreciate your guiding comments and contribution.
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        Last edited December 14 2015, 04:38 AM.

      • Punjab : Which of the GMADA Projects are Best to Invest in PLOTS?

        Which of the GMADA projects are best to invest in PLOTS

        IT City or Sec 88-89 ?

        Pls give detailed information on it
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