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      • Noida : Declining Discussions and Participation on the Forum

        Dear moderators/ veterans/ seniors;

        I joined IREF about six months back and this forum seemed to be buzzing with activity. We had a good number of sticky threads, lots of queries and inputs about progress of various projects, analysis of pros and cons, reasonability of rates, members seeking advice about proposed transactions, details of recent transactions and so on. And of course, different POVs and inevitable arguments. Also, most of the time, Noida forum typically had the largest number of visitors.

        I've noticed that, of late, all this has changed. Most of the posts are staid. The number of sticky threads is down. Only infrequent inputs on proposed transactions and actual deals. Only a few threads get posts every day. Queries go unanswered for weeks. The number of visitors appears to be dropping.

        Is this reflection of the RE market of Noida? Or any reason? For a major RE centre of the country, perhaps this level of activity is rather low.

        Your views are requested for a proper appreciation of the change which I've noticed in a short span of time.

        Thanks in advance.
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        Last edited December 5 2015, 05:02 PM. Reason: typo

      • Pune : How Costs Differ for Flats Priced at The Same Rate Per SqFt?

        Dear Friends,

        I Visited Kharadi over last few days, I observed that the Builders are now quoting the total flat cost avoiding per square feet or giving proper breakups,

        I did some reverse engineering and found lot of hidden cost being charged by the builders.

        The sheet may help new flat buyers and also for your valuable suggestion.
        Attached Files
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      • rahul59
        started a topic Ravet, Pune - Commecial Property for 40L - 45L

        Ravet, Pune - Commecial Property for 40L - 45L

        Hi All,

        I am planning to buy a commercial property like shop (area 400-550 sqft) in and around Ravet.

        My budget is around 40-45 lakhs.

        Can you please suggest me good options?
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        Last edited November 17 2015, 04:02 PM. Reason: Text formatting.

      • NCR : Myth of Inventory Overhang - It's all about Micro-markets

        IREF is getting boring with same old rants and project-specific circular discussions - so here are some provocative thoughts because it's a lazy Sunday afternoon :-)

        Upfront apology about the misleading subject - it's true there are close to 1.5 lac unsold flats in NCR as of Nov'15.

        However, this headline number hides the fact that bulk of this inventory (60%) is concentrated in only 2 categories viz.

        1. Currently uninhabitable as well as distant** places like Dwarka Expressway (approx. 20,000 flats unsold).


        2. Highly-congested and relatively distant** micromarkets like Greater Noida West (approx. 60,000 flats unsold).

        Focusing only on areas like main Gurgaon / Noida / Faridabad, or even main Greater Noida with their current absorption rates of approx. 25,000 flats annually, we're looking at barely 3 years of inventory overhang.

        Historically inventory levels in NCR have averaged 2 years and with even a hint of rate cuts e.g. 2002-5, 2008-11, etc. - property prices have risen followed soon by economic good times e.g. 2004-7, 2010-11, etc. Today, interest rates have started to drop and the economy is soft with pick-up expected within 1-2 years.

        Conclusion: If you're middle class or a young professional looking to start a family, 2016 is crucial to getting the home of your dreams in a middle-class location 40 minutes (max.) of work or school / college **distance within Rs. 5000-6000 PSF budget.


        PS: Numbers distilled from various sources and without warranty... caveat emptor :-)
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        Last edited November 15 2015, 06:50 PM.

      • Pramod0421
        started a topic Chennai : Penthouse - Information required

        Chennai : Penthouse - Information required

        Dear Fellow members,

        I stay in Chennai and would like to know your info on the penthouse concept.

        a) I had viewed an apartment - which cannot be classified as penthouse but is in the roof and hence labeled so - is there a classification that we need to see for a penthouse.
        b) any legal checks that need to be done
        c) how do they normally charge them

        Appreciate your inputs in advance
        Thank you.
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      • rks3110
        started a topic World Trade Center by WTCA in Mohali

        World Trade Center by WTCA in Mohali

        Receiving emails about World Trade Center (WTC) Mohali, Chandigarh !
        Members please share your views and information on subject project.

        thanks in advance
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      • Is this a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate in India

        I have read a couple of analyst reports that the real estate market in India is facing grim situation, but property prices are going up 25%-30% every year. Is it a good time to invest in real estate at this time?
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      • Real Estate Market Predictions for the New Year - 2016

        This thread has been created for discussions on "real estate market predictions" for the new year, 2016.
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        Last edited October 10 2015, 06:30 PM. Reason: formatting

      • Seven Bungalows / Andheri, Mumbai : Ongoing Rates of Sea Facing Flats

        Hello all.

        Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm based overseas and about a week ago, a contact in Mumbai called about an 1br sea-facing apt in Andheri 's Seven Bungalows area. Very cagey about revealing specifics. Says he doesn't want the word getting out and other brokers making moves. Whatever ,said I !

        The basics he did mention were that its one of the older sea front buildings in Seven Bungalows. Supposed to be between the stretch starting at "dariya mahal" and going towards Yari Road.

        What we know so far - 1 b/r , approx. 600'ish sq/ft . Question is , whats the avg rate for that area and what's a fair premium per/sqft for a sea-facing property ? Took a look at the at the "Avg Rates" thread, and Andheri (W) comes up at an "average" of 22000/sqft. But people are also questioning the accuracy/ methodology used to come up with those number , So........can anyone help out ?
        Thanks in advance guys .

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        Last edited October 8 2015, 11:32 AM.

      • Thirumazhisai, Chennai - Ongoing Rates for Plots & Views on Location


        I am looking to buy plots in Thirumazhisai (people predicting this as next Anna Nagar but no idea whether its true or not) and there is a project called Ashok Nandavanam Phase 2 in Thirukovilpattu. Actually its a CMDA approved & they are quoting Rs. 1300 per sq. ft. and they are not ready to negotiate anything.

        So, can someone please advise me whether this rate is fine? Can I invest here?

        Please see the Google Maps link:

        Thanks in advance.
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      • Indore: Investment Options For a Plot near Vijay Nagar or Super Corridor

        Hi All,

        Kindly help me:

        I am planning to buy plot in Indore which is near to Vijay Nagar OR Bombay Hospital OR Super Corridor. Basically i am not from Indore (quite way back my family was in Indore) but currently we are settled in Pune.

        Kindly please help which Colony OR Society i must consider to buy plots from the Investment Purpose (which will not create any problem of legal) because i heard in pune many issues of initially builders take money and later cannot build and take lot of time adjusting within the landowners.

        Kindly suggest me the area i should buy Plot and in which Colony. To be honest i came to about some places near Pipliyahana, Nariman City, Omaxe and SilverSpring from the forums i was reading.

        Actually my budget is not more than 30 - 32 Lakhs. Please kindly suggest where i can buy 1500 SqFeet to 1800 SqFeet plot from the investment purpose and in good locality so that can think of return in another 5 - 6 years.

        Thanks in Advance.
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      • Western Pune : Suggestions for Property Under 4300/SqFt

        I am looking for location where I could get the rate which is <4300 sqft in Western Pune near to Hinjewadi. Also can I get this rate in Punawale/Tathawade( on Wakad side of highway) maybe in pre-launch ?. Also rates for ravet is more than Tathawade and Punwale. What can be the reasons for this ? Marunji and Punwale(Hinjewadi side of highway) I am excluding because of garbage depo.
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        Last edited September 21 2015, 04:09 PM. Reason: Text Formatting

      • samar123
        started a topic Vilas Yashwin Phase 2 in Baner Annexe Pune

        Vilas Yashwin Phase 2 in Baner Annexe Pune

        Hi all,
        I need reviews on Yashwin by Vilas Jawdkar group.
        I am planning to buy 2 BHK flat for living in Yashwin Phase || F wing in new Baner. The possession will be in July 2017. The price on paper is 5450 psf & they are saying it is negotiable.

        Has anybody booked a flat there or planning to book one? I will appreciate if anyone already living in Yashwin share their experience?

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      • hifmdelhi
        started a topic Zenext Dwarka Next Homes in L Zone Dwarka 2 Delhi

        Zenext Dwarka Next Homes in L Zone Dwarka 2 Delhi

        Hello friends,

        I have booked a 2 BHK in Zenext Dwarka Next in L Zone Delhi.

        Basic rate is rupees 3,300 per sq ft with parking rs 2,00,000/- and no other charges except govt. Taxes. (Welcome to Zenext Dwarka Next)

        Purchased in 180 day payment plan.

        I hope the rate is fine. I found it much much cheaper to Noida and Gurgaon.

        I will share the details with you.

        Friends please share your views.
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        Last edited October 23 2015, 01:42 PM. Reason: Text Formatting

      • Vijay Nagar, North Delhi : What are the Ongoing Rates for 2 / 3 BHK Flats?

        Hey Guys
        I am new here and looking to buy a flat in Vijay Nagar, North Delhi.
        The brokers are coming up with highly escalated rates which are not in my budget. So wanted an opinion on the same. The cost which i have across is
        2 BHK - 85lacs+
        3BHK - 1.2 cr+

        Please enlighten me about the same.
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